One of my favorite summer treats is cold watermelon. It’s a light and refreshing treat on those hot summer days. But as great as watermelon can be, picking the best watermelon can be difficult.

How to pick the best watermelon...

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I remember as a kid trying to pick the greenest watermelon because I thought it would be the best. We would knock on the melons and I had no idea why but everyone did it so there must be a reason. Now thanks to Jared I have much better luck when picking out a watermelon.

Here are a few tips to pick out the Best Watermelon –


You want the melon to have a nice big SUN SPOT. Some watermelons don’t have large sun spots or any sun spot. Avoid the sun spotless melons.

Bee Stings Watermelon

Bees will sting a sweet watermelon. BEE STINGS cause small black beads to form on the melon. Watermelons with bee stings will be sweet.

Watermelon 2

My Grandpa was always in charge of thumping the melons. The SOUND of the watermelon when you tap it should have a nice ring. Bum Bum Bum. The pitch shouldn’t be too low or too high. If the pitch is too low the fruit could be mushier. If the pitch is too high the fruit could be more firm. You should tap a few different melons to get a good ear for it.

How to Pick the Best Watermelon

What tips do you have for picking out the best melon?