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Thanksgiving Traditions

Here are some fun Thanksgiving Tradition ideas that you might want to start with your family. Some of these ideas might be something your family loves and decides to stick with others might be a one time thing. The best part of traditions is spending time together!

Each Family has their own unique set of traditions for the holidays. For some families, these traditions stay the same each year and get passed on from generation to generation. Other families have traditions that grow and change. This post may contain affiliate…


50 Fall Activities

Fall is just around the corner, with cool nights and crisp leaves. I’m getting excited to wear scarves and boots, and eat all things pumpkin! This post may contain affiliate links To make the most of your fall check out these fall family…


My Disappointment After Giving Birth – Wasn’t my C-Section

Pregnancy is an amazing thing, being able to grow a new baby is incredible. But along with all the excitement and wonder there are things I missed about my “normal” body. I don’t know about you but by the end of my pregnancy…


Our New Family Member: Mose the Corgi

The last few days, we have been busy getting to know our new puppy! To celebrate Independence Day, we went to Shippensburg, PA and purchased a Corgi puppy from a Mennonite family.   Meet Mose our Corgi Puppy. Mose is 9 weeks old. He…


Our Family’s Favorite Games

Are you looking for a fun new game to play? We love playing games, many of our nights both at home and on vacation are spent playing games. Here are some of our favorite games in no particular order.   This Post May…


Visiting Gettysburg, PA – A Few Tips

We love visiting Gettysburg, the drive from Maryland to Pennsylvania is beautiful (and there isn’t as much traffic as heading south).  This post may contain affiliate links Visiting Gettysburg one of our favorite day trips.  Each time we visit I learn something new!…


6 Fun Family Activities in St. George, Utah

Each time our family visits St. George there are some things we just “must” do (swimming and a visit to the skate park are our top 2). Here are 6 activities our family has had fun doing in St. George. 6 Family Activities in St.…


Hershey’s Chocolate World

We love visiting Hershey, PA, the small town feel and beautiful drive make it a must visit. The first few times we visited Hershey’s Chocolate World we took the Free History of Chocolate Tour. In early spring 2016 we took a trip to Hershey…


United States Bucket List

We love to travel, living on the east coast has made it so much easier to see so many different things. I guess you could say living in Maryland has fed fuel to our love of travel. It’s kind of funny, we love going places…