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How to Warm the Kiddie Pool… Fast and Easy!

Have you been wondering how to warm the Kiddie Pool? Hauling pots of warm water is hard work and takes a long time, especially when your kids are anxious to get in the pool. This post may contain affiliate links As a kid,…


Summer Bucket List

I know I already have a bucket list, but I feel like if I don’t write things that I want to do down and schedule them they aren’t as likely to happen. So here is my bucket list for this summer. I hope…


13 Things to do in Howard County, MD This Summer

During the summer it’s always fun to find new things to do to keep kids busy and parents sane. This post may contain affiliate links This list is just a taste of all the things available to do in Howard County. Hopefully one…


FREE Summer 2016 Reading Programs

As a kid one of my favorite parts of the summer was doing reading programs. One of the programs we did growing up gave us a day pass to 7 peaks water park. Earning and using that pass was the highlight of my…