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How to get FREE Cafe Rio

What could be better than Cafe Rio? That's right, Free Cafe Rio. Because I mean who doesn't love free food? Getting Free food from Cafe Rio is simple. thekeeledeal.com

When we first moved away from Utah I really missed Cafe Rio, then I found out that Maryland has a few Cafe Rio locations. Even though it’s a drive we get to enjoy Cafe Rio occasionally. So, what could be better than Cafe…


Why I Always Fly Southwest

Have you wondered what airline gives you the best value? Southwest is the airline we have found to be the best value for our family. This post may contain affiliate links Since moving to the east coast the number of flights we take…


Wedding Day Tips

2 years ago, I was busy planning my wedding. We got engaged Christmas Day and set the wedding date for March 6,2013. Planning a wedding is crazy. It can be lots of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. This post may…