A couple months ago, I received a free sample of Babies R Us Diapers to try. I purchased a package of size 4 diapers with my Free Diaper Coupon from Influenster. I was so excited to try these diapers, since you know the cost of diapers can really add up.
Babies R Us Diaper Review
  The size 4 package comes with 32 diapers and costs $7.99 as opposed to a package Huggies Snug and Dry Size 4 that comes with 29 diapers and costs $7.97 at Walmart. The price difference isn’t huge but it does make a difference when you are going through 5ish diapers a day.
When we tried using the diapers on our son, the first couple of days they were awesome. We had no problems. Then day 3 we were in the car for a couple of hours and the diaper leaked. Then we had no problems for a couple of days, then he leaked again. The diapers only leaked when he was wet, so they might work better for girls.
The most similar diapers I have used to the Babies R Us diapers are Luvs diapers. They aren’t as thick as Huggies Snug and Dry. They do have cute designs though 🙂

So overall the savings of a few pennies isn’t worth it to me since the Babies R Us diapers leaked more frequently than the Huggies diapers I have been using.

Thanks Influenster can’t wait to see what we try next!