The end of January 2016 brought lots and lots of snow to the east coast. At our house, we ended up with just under 2 feet of snow. We had drifts much taller and after clearing the driveway we had some really big mountains of snow.

Before the Blizzard 2016
The above picture is our yard when it started to Snow on Friday January 22 at about 4pm.
The next picture is Saturday at about 4pm.
Snowfall in a 24 hours period
Snowfall in a 24 hours period
Our snowed in weekend was a lot of fun we played games and watched movies. We took the little man out in the snow for the first time and he loved it until he put snow in his own face. 
Baby's first time in the snow
Aarons first time in the snow
Trying to get back into the snow
He want’s to go back out!


Outside with Daddy
Round 2