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Purchasing a car can be fun and exciting many new cars have such fun features. This summer when we traveled to Oregon and again when we went to Utah last week we rented a minivan. In my opinion, minivans have some of the best features for traveling with young kids.


Even if a minivan isn’t your dream car, like it is mine right now, there are a few things to remember when purchasing a new car. (but if you are searching for a minivan checkout the Ultimate Minivan Challenge)

Tips for Purchasing a Car

Do your research

Before going to a car dealership be sure to do your research. Since I’m sure you have a specific type of car in mind research the safety information including recalls and don’t forget to check out customer reviews. With detailed pro’s and con’s as well as safety and warranty information, Cars.com is a great place to start your research.

Know your Budget

Before taking that test drive know how much car you can afford. I know the new cars look amazing but consider buying used so your not car poor. Knowing your budget will make it easier to know what cars to go and test drive. Cars.com has an awesome feature able to show you both new and used cars for sale at different dealerships in your area.

Take a Test Drive and other tips for purchasing a car. thekeeledeal.com

Take a Test Drive

A test drive is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a car. At some point during the test drive turn off the radio and the air and open the window. Listen. Listening when there aren’t distracting noises can tell you a lot about the car. Does the engine make a lot of noise? How about the breaks? If the car is making funny noises, be sure to figure out the cause before purchasing the car.


When you first get in the car notice the smell. Sometimes it can be hard to get rid of smoke or other strong smells. If you smell burning rubber this can mean there is a problem.

Don’t Shop at Night

Shopping for a car at night is risky business. It’s easy to miss little, and sometimes big, things in the dark. Things like paint damage, dents or hail damage are all easier to see in daylight.

Consider Insurance

Before purchasing a car consider the safety rating. This is important for many reasons including how much you will pay for insurance. Cars with low safety ratings typically cost a lot more to insure.

Car Seat Compatibility

How easily can a car seat fit correctly in the car?  Is probably one of the first things to consider if you have kids. Cars.com has some awesome information about conducting car seat checks. Before you make that new car, purchase make sure that your kids will be able to ride safely in the vehicle.

Interesting fact: the federal government requires cars manufactured after September 1,2002 to have a Latch system.

Don’t feel Pressured

All the tips I have mentioned are good to consider but the most important thing to remember is don’t a decide just because you feel pressured. You’re the one that gets to experience and drive the car you purchase. So, make sure it’s the right one before making the big purchase.

What tips do you have for purchasing a new or used car? 


This post was sponsored by cars.com. All opinions and tips are my own.