Ruffle Skirts are so fun and so easy to make!! It does take a lot of pins though 🙂

DIY Ruffle Skirt Instructions

This skirt only has a couple of seams one across the top attaching the elastic.

You need a double needle to sew on the wide elastic waistband. Make sure the waistband fits around you with about an extra inch (for your side seam).

Ruffle Fabric for Ruffle Skirt

When you pin the ruffle fabric to the waist band first find the middle of both the elastic and the fabric. then find the middle of each side. This makes it so you have four sections of waist band and four sections of fabric.

Now you’re going to stretch the waistband (pin a ton!) so that one section of fabric fits into one section of elastic. It helps a ton to have someone help you with this part.

After you sew the waistband on you just need to sew the side seam. Using blue painters tape is a really good idea. By taping the ruffles all in one direction when you sew the side seam the ruffles will all lay the same direction when you’re done.

Ruffle Skirt in progress - Taped
Here is my finished skirt!
Finished Ruffle Skirt
I love this skirt it is so much fun to wear and it is simple and easy to make!