Recently while I was looking up information about a national park I found out about a program called WebRangers. The WebRangers program is a free program for kids of all ages to learn about National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites.


To enroll in the WebRangers program all you need to do is set up a user name and password the only personal information collected is what state you live in.

The program has a variety of games and activities for each of the different National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites. The activities range from easy to hard. There is also an option to view a live webcam of the parks and a place to share photos from your visits to the parks – (There can be no faces in the pictures shared)

Another Program that can be joined with WebRangers is Ihike. Ihike helps promote kids physical activity. On this program you enter how much walking you have done (you can only enter 1.5 miles a day) then you can use those steps to virtually walk through a National Park.

Using both the WebRangers Program and the Ihike program is an awesome way to learn more about places you have visited or places you are going to visit.

Happy Exploring!