2 years ago, I was busy planning my wedding. We got engaged Christmas Day and set the wedding date for March 6,2013.

Planning a wedding is crazy. It can be lots of fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

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Here are a few things I learned while planning my wedding that might be helpful to you.

Wedding Day Tips:


1. Pick Colors you both like and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Red and Blue Wedding Colors. Glass water dispensers with blue fabric, red roses and silver Hershey's kisses!

The colors we picked for our wedding where black, red and a bright aqua blue.

While I was shopping for fabric for our centerpieces one of the lady’s helping me asked if the colors looked good together. I really wanted to tell her “no, the colors look horrible to together”. Instead I just smiled and said I think they are great together!

Why someone would ever think to ask if you picked colors that don’t look good together I have no idea. So just go with what you like and everyone else can deal with it.

2. Finding the Dress

If your not sentimental about keeping your wedding dress consider renting.

I found a wedding dress that I loved. Yes, it took a lot of time, but it was totally worth it.

My advice in this area: Bring someone with you that you respect their opinion. Don’t bring people who will want you to try on dresses you know you will not like. This makes an already long process even longer.

Something else to consider if you’re not sentimental about having the dress is renting. I rented my dress and it saved a ton of money! I got a dress that would have cost a lot more to purchase than renting and I don’t have to store the dress.

3. Clothing for Everyone Else:

Groom wearing a white tux with a red rose.

The Groom: I was thinking that he would where a black or gray tux, but my husband wanted a white tux. Which ended up being fun for us both to be in white.

Moms: We let our moms pick whatever they wanted to where that was in our colors they both decided on black dresses and red shoes.

Dads: Our Dads already both had black suits so we had them where black suits and we got them each a blue tie.

Groomsmen in black and blue

Groomsmen: We had a lot of groomsmen since we both have large families and wanted to include everyone. For the groomsmen, we had them wear black pants, white shirt and a blue tie.

Bridesmaids wearing black, bright aqua blue and red!

Bridesmaids: Again because of the size of our families we had a lot of bridesmaids. We had them where blue shirts I found on clearance at JcPenny with black skirts.


Red Flowers

At first, we were going to have everyone wear a flower (but flowers can be expensive!). We ended up deciding on only our parents wearing flowers.

Bouquet: I absolutely loved my bouquet. It was a mixture of a ton of different red flowers. Remember you don’t have to go traditional on everything if you want to try something different go for it.

5. Wedding, Luncheon and Reception – location and timing

Wedding– My husband and I got married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. We got married at 10 in the morning.

Luncheon – Our luncheon was at a LDS church in Pleasant Grove, Utah at 1pm.

Why so much time between the wedding and luncheon?

We didn’t want to be rushed. Since the luncheon wasn’t until 1 we were able to take our time getting photos taken after the wedding and those not needed for photos could go home if they wanted for a few hours.

*Funny side not we were the first to arrive at our luncheon, which in my opinion is tons better than making everyone wait for you to eat.

Reception – Our reception was at Noha’s in Pleasant Grove from 7-9pm. Again we spaced this out from the luncheon to give us time to set up for the reception and get more pictures.

(I would totally recommend getting married on a weekday reception centers are cheaper and the temple is a lot less busy)


I was really lucky to find an amazing photographer, who also happens to be my friend’s sister. When you’re looking for a photographer be sure that you like their style. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. If there is a specific picture you want, let them know.

All of our Wedding Photos (Bridals, Wedding and Reception) were taken by the very talented Amy Stokes at Stokes Studios.


Luncheon: We ordered sandwich buffets, salads and a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake from Kneaders. For drinks, we picked up sodas from Costco.

Reception: We ordered a variety of pastries from Kneaders and also had veggie trays. For drinks, we had lemon water. We also had Hershey’s kisses scattered on tables as part of our decor.

The Cake: I have never really been a big fan of cake so I told my husband that I just wanted a cheesecake from Costco. He thought I was crazy! So we had a wedding cake, and I’m so glad!  Our cake was done by Cakes by Dawna it was beautiful.


Centerpieces: a frosted glass candle holder with a red candle, on a blue piece of fabric with a picture, rose and silver Hershey’s kisses.

We used the blue fabric, flowers and kisses throughout the refreshment, gift and display tables.

9.Plan and Get Organized

One of the biggest things that made my wedding day go smoothly was planning.

Before the big day, we set up everything the way I wanted it for the reception and took pictures. Then boxed everything together with a picture so that any of those helping set up for the reception could see what it should end up looking like.

10.Enjoy the Day

This is one of those few days that is all about you. Enjoy it!

If everything doesn’t go exactly as you want no one will notice unless you make it a big deal. Looking back, you won’t remember those small things.


Good Luck with your wedding plans!!

Let me know what tips you would add in the comments!



All of the photos included in this post were taken by Amy be sure to visit her website to see more of her work.