Earlier this year I wrote a post about Summer Reading Programs. Today I want to share some Year Round Reading Programs.

Here are a few Year Round Reading Programs that I know about. Each week I try to take my little man to at least 1 story time. Some weeks we hit 2 or 3 different programs.

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Each week I try to take my little man to at least 1 story time. Some weeks we hit 2 or 3 different programs. Here are the programs that we like to participate in.

Year Round Reading Programs

Pottery Barn Kids 

Every Tuesday at 11am Pottery Barn Kids has Book Club. The kids get to sit in the adorable kids chairs that Pottery Barn sales while they listen to stories. At our Pottery Barn Kids the kids get a treat after reading the stories.

According to the Pottery Barn website after attending 5 events you will get a special surprise. At our Pottery Barn after getting 5 stamps in your book, you get $10 off any item in the store. If your store has a different surprise let me know in the comments.

***The New York City store has story time every Saturday from 10-10:30.

Barnes & Noble

Most Barnes and Nobel stores have at least one story time each week. One of the stores near me has story time on Wednesday Mornings another has it on Saturday Mornings. Look on the Barnes and Noble website to find out what day your Barnes and Nobel has story time.


Ask at your library if they have story time each week. Our library has story times for different ages throughout the week.

Don’t limit yourself to just one library. See if other library’s in your county have story time.

Online Story Time 

Checkout Storyline Online, they have videos of different books being read. This is a great option for when your little ones need a break but you don’t want to turn on the tv.

Start Your Own

If there are not any year-round reading programs in your area, you can always start your own. Get together with other parents in your area and decide how you want to run your reading program.

Don’t forget that you can download the  FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices. Amazon has a lot of free children’s e-books as well as frequent deals on e-books for the whole family.

Do you know of any additional year round reading programs? 


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Year Round Reading Programs. Do you need an activity to do with your toddler during the day? I did. After doing some research I found a few story time programs that are year round, not just during the summer. Most of these programs are at stores that have locations throughout the United States. It's never to early to introduce a love of reading. thekeeledeal.com