It’s my turn to teach again this Sunday and I have decided to do something a little different. I’m going to combine the two lessons ” How can I make my prayers more meaningful?” and “Why is it important to study the scriptures?”

I'm going to combine the two lessons " How can I make my prayers more meaningful?" and "Why is it important to study the scriptures?" -It simply isn't possible handout

I feel like these two topics go hand in hand and this is the last Sunday we have to cover this month’s topics (5th Sunday is taught by the bishopric.)

I really want the girls to discuss these topics and not just have me give information the whole time so I’m going to have them teach/share.

I have prepared information on both topics. I listed scriptures and took portions of talks from the outline. I want to divide the class into 2 and give each group the information about 1 of the topics. I plan on giving them about 10 minutes to talk, read and decide what to share with the rest of the class.

Then I want the girls to share with the group what they have learned and any personal experiences they would like.

I then want to ask the girls how they think the two go together.

To wrap up I want talk about how when we have meaningful prayers and study the scriptures every day we strengthen our relationship with our savior. And I want to end by sharing a quote by Sheri Dew “It simply isn’t possible to be a disciple of someone you don’t know.”


***Update – I only had 2 girls on Sunday so have the glass discuss the topic in groups didn’t work. So, we just had a class discussion. We spent most of our time talking about prayer, at the end we did talk about how prayer and scripture study work hand in hand.