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Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory - Exploring the Oregon Coast.Visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory - Tillamook Oregon #oregoncoast #travel

The Tillamook Cheese Factory visitor center is closed until 2018, but don’t worry. If you have trip planned before the new visitor center opens, there is a temporary visitor center in the big red barn on the property. This post may contain affiliate…


How to Pick the Best Watermelon

Why you want a sunspot on your watermelon

One of my favorite summer treats is cold watermelon. It’s a light and refreshing treat on hot (humid!) summer days. As great as watermelon can be, I have always had a difficult time picking the best watermelon. This post may contain affiliate links …


Favorite Coconut Water Treats

Coconut Water Treats thekeeledeal.com

Coconut water is one of our family’s favorite drinks. We love that it is sweet, hydrating and makes some awesome treats! This post may contain affiliate links Coconut Water Brand Comparison This summer we tried several different brands of coconut water. Including Coco…


Who has the Best French Fry Game

Who has the Best French Fry? The Game. This is an inexpensive fun family activity, don't forget your free printable thekeeledeal.com

You know those evenings when nothing is scheduled but you actually feel like doing something. (Instead of staying at home in sweats binge watching Netflix.) A couple of weeks ago we had a night like that. Both Jared and I wanted to get…


Harold’s New York Deli Restaurant

Must visit New Jersey Restaurant Located in Edison New Jersey. thekeeledeal.com

Harold’s New York Deli, located in Edison New Jersey is a bucket list restaurant in New Jersey. edit


How to get FREE Cafe Rio

What could be better than Cafe Rio? That's right, Free Cafe Rio. Because I mean who doesn't love free food? Getting Free food from Cafe Rio is simple. thekeeledeal.com

When we first moved away from Utah I really missed Cafe Rio, then I found out that Maryland has a few Cafe Rio locations. Even though it’s a drive we get to enjoy Cafe Rio occasionally. So, what could be better than Cafe…


Create Your Own Doughnut

Have you ever wished you could create your own doughnut? You decide the flavor and toppings? How about if that doughnut was hot and fresh? This post may contain affiliate links Sound too good to be true? At the Fractured Prune, you can…


How to Pick the Perfect Pineapple

Jared always picks the best Pineapples, I don’t know if he is just lucky or if working the produce department in high school really did teach him how to pick the perfect pineapple. This post may contain affiliate links Here are the things…