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These Chocolate Surprise Kisses are a fun Valentine day treat that is fast and easy to make.

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First, you need to make some Rice Krispy treats. We keep it simple with just marshmallow, butter, and rice cereal. (If you have a recipe you love, use it.)

Rice Krispy Recipe

With only 3 ingredients it’s inexpensive and simple.

All you need is:

3 TBS Butter

1 Bag Mini Marshmallows (Less than a dollar at Aldi)

1 Box Chocolate Rice cereal ($0.99 at Aldi)

To make the Krispy the same as we did simply melt 3 TBS of butter in a pan.

Then add 1 bag of mini marshmallows. Melt the marshmallows then remove the pan from the heat.

Add 1 bags of chocolate Krispy cereal.

Mix it all together and dump it on a cookie sheet to start cooling.

Making the Kisses

Now comes the fun part. Get a funnel the size you want to make your kisses. (I got the set of 3 funnels from the dollar store and used the middle sized funnel.)

Spray the inside of your funnel then push a handful of Rice Krispy mix in the funnel and pack it in. Make sure the mix has cooled a little bit so it’s not as sticky.

Fill the funnel until it’s level but leave a hole in the middle. Then slide the Krispy kiss out onto a sheet of plastic or wax paper.

Keep making kisses until you have about a cup of mix left. The above recipe made 4 of the medium size kisses with about a cup left.

After the kisses have cooled completely. Add the candy of your choice. We did m&m’ s then finish filling the funnel with Krispies. Be sure to pack it tight.

~ You might have to use your hands to shape the kisses. Sometimes they come out of the funnel looking great and sometimes they need a little help.

Wrapping the Kisses

Now you have a few options you can just leave the adorable chocolate kisses on a plate ready for dessert or a party.

Or you can wrap them up. To wrap them I suggest wrapping them in plastic before the tinfoil.

Between the plastic and tinfoil layers, you can add a little tag if you want. You can easily write your own custom message on this tag or if you want you can use these tags I have created.

The ones I made don’t go around the whole kiss but can be positioned so you see them outside the top of the wrapper. If you want them to go all the way around simply connect two message strips together.


Now your Surprise Kisses are ready to enjoy.