Do you have a tough time picking a good pineapple? I do! Jared always picks the best Pineapples, I don’t know if he is just lucky or if working the produce department in high school really did teach him how to pick the perfect pineapple. 

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Pineapples have a unique history no one knows when the first pineapple was taken to Hawaii; and Christopher Columbus brought one back to Europe from South America.

Today Pineapples have been cultivated and grow in many different countries, the top producing country in 2014 was Costa Rica. shares that only 400 million of the 300 billion pineapples farmed worldwide come from Hawaii. That’s only .13 percent of all pineapples that come from Hawaii. (That doesn’t stop me from wanting to visit the Dole Plantation!)How to Pick a Pineapple

Okay enough history! Next time you go to the grocery store, here are a few tips to help you pick a juice, sweet Pineapple.

Here are the things to look for when picking a Pineapple –

The first thing is the Color. You want to pick a pineapple that has a nice YELLOW color. If they are green they aren’t quite ripe enough and will be tarter.

Picking Pineapple

An old trick to know if the pineapple is ripe is to be able to easily PULL a leaf out with little effort.

Smelling PineappleOne of the best ways to know how the pineapple will taste before you buy it is to SMELL the base. It should smell like a sweet pineapple tastes.

So next time you buy a pineapple remember: YELLOW in color, Pull out a LEAF easily, and SMELL the sweetness from the base.

Have you tried any of these tips? Did you end up with a perfect pineapple? 


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