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I know you have seen tons of posts like this on Pinterest about how to save money on groceries. Most of the posts I have seen share the same information over and over. Yeah, they are great ideas but doesn’t anyone do something other than clip coupons?

Today I want to share 10 ways we save money on groceries. (most of the time )

10 simple ways our family saves big money on groceries. These simple steps help our family save money each month. Writing a list is one of the best ways. thekeeledeal.com #groceries #shopping #couponing #savemoney #budget

This article shares only real ways we try to save money on groceries. But life happens so not every time I go shopping do all of these things happen. That’s ok I try to budget and save the best I can and I’m always trying to improve.

1. Have a Grocery list

I try to always have a grocery list, this doesn’t always happen because life gets crazy! And half the time I realize I left my list on the counter at home! When I do have a list and stick to the list I always spend less.

2. Shop Seasonally

I try to purchase the fruits and veggies that are in season. Partially because it is so much better for you and as a bonus, I can save so much money by purchasing what is readily available.

3. Buy Stuff You Will Eat

For a little while, I was trying really hard not to spend very much money on groceries so I would only buy something if it was on sale.
This plan totally backfired.

Yeah, we had food at home but it wasn’t anything we really wanted to eat so we would end up going out to eat. When I buy food that sounds good even if it’s not always on sale we tend to eat more meals at home.

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4. Learn Your Stores

Figure out where you can get the best deals on specific types of foods.

For example, I can get awesome deals on fruits and vegetables at Aldi and the best price we have found on Frozen Chicken is at Costco.

Learning where you can get the best deals on the foods you eat all the time can save you a lot!

5. Stock up

When something we use all the time goes on sale I try to stalk up so I have a months worth or more. For my family, this is typically frozen or canned vegetables and beans. Also, pasta and pasta sauce are great to get when they are on sale.

6. Wash and Prep Fruits and Veggies

I have found that if I wash and prep fruits and veggies after I purchase them we eat them a lot more often.

For example, when  I purchase grapes, if I wash them and have them ready to eat. We are much more likely to eat them as a snack instead of going for a easy prepackaged snack.

7. Freeze!

Freezing left overs before they go bad can save tons of money. When my fresh fruits and veggies start to get older I toss them in the freezer. Then I can pull them out later for smoothies, soups etc.

Bread is also a great thing to freeze before it gets moldy!

8. Grocery Apps

Receipt Hog, Ibotta and Checkout51 are the Grocery receipt apps I use the most.

I use Receipt Hog for all of my receipts because it’s so fast and easy and it works for all grocery items.

I use Ibotta frequently because they have rebates for items that are any brand. For Example $0.25 cash back on One Gallon Milk any brand. Ibotta will also sometimes have $0.25 cash back on any item! (Join Ibotta Free use my link and get a $10 bonus after you redeem your first rebate.) 

Checkout51 and the coupons.com app are great when I purchase items they have a rebate on. It’s not very often that the foods I purchase have a rebate on these apps, but once in a while I get something back.

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9. Make it at home

Making food at home saves our family so much money. Yes making meals at home is obvious but also making dressings, cookies, breads and other similar type things at home saves our family money each month.

10. Fast and easy meals

Fast and easy meals goes along with make it at home. If you have fast and easy meals ready to go then when you have a crazy day it makes it easier to eat at home and resist the temptation to just stop and grab something.

We like to have past and pasta sauce on hand because that’s a fast and easy meal that is really cheap. We also try to keep a few meals in the freezer that can be heated quickly or thrown in the crock-pot earlier in the day.

Yes I could spend time couponing but with 2 kids I have a really hard time being consistent. So instead I use these 10 tips and it’s an added bonus if I end up finding a coupon that works with what my family eats.

 If you have any other tips to save money on groceries let me know in the comments.