DIY Personalized Go Fish Game

Did you ever play go fish growing up? I remember playing it frequently with my siblings and cousins. Now my kids love playing it, so I thought it would be fun to create a personalized go fish game.

DIY personalized Go Fish Game with Family photos

Don’t worry I created a template so you can easily make your own DIY personalized Go Fish game too.

With this personalized go fish game you can use photos of family, friends or anything else you want to create a totally custom game!

This personalized game is perfect for a gift and you can make it fast so it even works for a unique last minute gift.

How to Make A Personalized Go Fish Game

Making this Go Fish game is quick and easy, plus you only need a few supplies.


Personalizing the Game

To customize the template you need a free Canva account that takes 2 seconds to create. 

Once you have created and logged into your Canva account click the links in the pdf to take you to the editable Go Fish template.

Personalized Go Fish Cards on computer

Now that you are in the editable go fish template file on you can continue to follow the instruction sheet with step by step instructions on how to put together your game.

You simply need to click the upload an image or video on the left and add the photos you have collected.

After the photos have uploaded drag and drop each photo into a photo box on pages 3,5,7, and 9.

Depending on how many photos you are going to use for this game you may not use all of the pages. Make only 1 card for each photo. (you will print multiple copies of the same page.)

editing go fish game

You can change the crop of the photo by double clicking on the image once it’s in the template.

Change the Names – Now that you have your photos in place change the names written on each card to the name you want. You can also change the font if you would like.

Once everything is personalized, you’re ready to print. Download the file as a PDF and print double-sided. (you don’t need to print the first page or any pages you don’t add photos too).

When printing the cards make sure you print a test sheet to make sure your printer flips the pages correctly since you are printing on both sides.

Printed Go Fish Cards

Printing the pages set to flip on the long edge, is what worked with my printer to get the front and back of the cards correct.

When everything looks the way you want it to print the game pieces on thick card stock or other thick paper.

Print 2 – 4 copies of each page, depending on how many cards you want to have in each set. Typically go fish games have 4 of each card, but you can easily make a game with 2 or 3 cards in a set.

Personalized Go Fish Cards

Cut out the cards and you’re ready to play your own personalized game of Go fish.

Get Your Personalized Go Fish Template Here

How to Play Go Fish:

Objective: Your objective is to win the most “sets” of cards. A “set” is all the matching cards for a specific person. (With this personalized game you can have a set be 2, 3, or 4 cards) 

Personalized Go Fish Draw Pile

Setting Up the Game: Shuffle the cards and deal them to each player. We usually deal 5 cards to each person but if you have a large set of cards or only a couple of players you may want to deal 6 or 7 cards. Place the remaining cards in a stack in the middle of the playing area. 

YOUR TURN: Pick someone to start, could be the youngest person, by the roll of a dice or any other method you want to use to decide who goes first.  On your turn, you pick a person and ask them for a specific card. For example “Dad do you have any Grandma Cards?” The person asking (fishing) must have at least one of those cards in their hand. The player who is being asked must give all the cards requested. If they don’t have any of the requested cards they say “Go fish” and the player who requested the cards draws the top card from the draw pile and adds it to their hand. 

Playing Peronalized Go Fish

If the player gets one or more cards that were requested they can then ask the same or another player for a card. As long as the player continues to get cards (catch fish) their turn continues. If the player doesn’t receive a card and has to “go fish” that is the end of their turn and the turn passes to the player on the left. 

The game ends when all sets of cards have been won. The winner is the player with the most sets.

Get Your Personalized Go Fish Template Here

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