This gift guide seemed appropriate since our lovely 9-month-old has decided that 2 am is a good time to go to sleep.  She has also started waking up multiple times during the night so I’m in the exhausted parent category.

The Exhausted Parents Gift Guide, these gifts are perfect for new parents as well as seasoned parents. #tiredparents #giftguide #giftideas #christmasgiftsideas #holidaygifts #christmas #giftsideas

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Most parents fall into this category at some point. New parents should probably get the award for “Most Exhausted Parents!”.  If you know an exhausted parent or you are one these gift ideas are for you.

Funny Gifts for Exhausted Parents

I’m so Tired Shirt (This comes in different colors)


I’m 103% Tired


Tired is the New Black


Freakin’ Awesome Mug

Low Battery Shirts 

Hello I’m tired

I need a nap pin

I nap at Red Lights

As fun as all of these gifts are, tired parents really only have a few things that rank high on their wishlist.

What Tired Parents Really Want

In my opinion, these are the things tired parents really want.


I know it’s obvious but Sleep is all we can think about sometimes. A couple awesome gifts that involve relaxing and sleep would be a massage or taking the kids for a night (or even a couple hours!). A really awesome gift would be a weekend away without the kids. Oh, the sleep you could have with no guilt about what needs to be getting done and no children to wake you up early. 

A Clean House

Now I know a cleaning service is an expensive gift but you could always give them paper plates and plastic silver where so at least the dishes don’t have to be done! Or you know at the least ignore the mess when you come to visit.

Not to Make Dinner

I don’t know why but the act of making dinner can be so challenging sometimes. Gift cards are a great idea for tired parents. Stick to places that do carryout or delivery. Unless of course, you want to watch the kids…

Netflix or Prime Movies

If you can’t sleep binge-watching shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime is definitely a good idea. Especially when you’re trying to stay awake to watch your kid in the middle of the night.

To take a Quiet Shower/Bath

To be honest most parents would probably be happy to pee without a child calling for them. A shower without interruption is a rarity once you have little people.

These are just a few ideas for those Exhausted Parent’s you know. Honestly, most days are great once you get into the parenting routine. But those days you don’t get sleep doing anything is hard!

When you are really sleep deprived what do you really want?