During the holiday’s expenses, can really add up. With additional parties and family gatherings, we spend more on groceries, not to mention gifts, decor and other holiday expenses. So how do you save money on these additional expenses?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner it's time to start saving some money! During the holidays expenses can really add up. Today I want to share some of my favorite apps and websites to save money on holiday expenses. #savemoney #budget #moneysavingapps #Christmas #Thanksgiving

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Today I want to share with you a few ways I like to save money and get money back on my all my shopping! I have personally used these apps/websites, some more than others. Read about each app/website to find out how I use them and which ones are my favorites! (These apps and websites are free to join!)

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that you can download onto any apple or android device. The app is really easy to use after you create an account you simply take a picture of each of your receipts within 14 days and receive coins that can be redeemed in for cash in PayPal or an Amazon gift card.

This is the app I use the most, it’s fast and easy to use. It takes time to build up coins for a gift card, but it only takes a couple of minutes after each shopping trip.

I have redeemed coins for both PayPal credit and an Amazon gift card. Even though it takes some time to build up coins I love how easy it is to get money back!


Ebates is a website that gives you cash back when you shop at your favorite online stores using their website. I love shopping on Amazon using Ebates right now they have up to 25% back on amazon.com purchases. They also always have stores that are giving double cash back. Ebates also has coupon codes to give you discounts on online purchases you make.

The easiest way to use Ebates is installing the extension to your web browser. Then when your shopping online you will get a reminder to activate the cash back and you can easily click the E button and get coupon codes, to save even more!

Join Ebates using my link and you will get a $10 bonus after you make your first qualifying purchase.

I use Ebates for any online shopping I can, the extension makes it easy to save even more money with access to coupon codes.


Target Cartwheel

If you shop at Target, you need to download the cartwheel app. This app has savings on all kinds of things throughout the store. Each Sunday new offers are posted that last for a limited amount of time. I have saved hundreds of dollars using this app for the past couple of years.


Ibotta has three easy ways to earn cash back. You can submit a receipt, link a loyalty account and make a mobile in-app purchase. My favorite way to use Ibotta is linking a loyalty account, once I have linked the account it’s easy to unlock rebates and then just go shopping. Linking loyalty accounts eliminates the need to submit the receipt.

Ibotta is an awesome app that I use sometimes, it depends on what I’m purchasing and at which store. To be honest, I need to start using it more, I just haven’t gotten into the habit of using it all the time. Sign up for Ibotta using my referral code dbcvtol and you will get $10 after you sign up and redeem a rebate within 2 weeks.

What is your favorite app or website to save money? Let me know in the comments!