Most of the time the little man is playing with his cars or trains, reading about cars and trains or watching a show with cars and a train or two. Can you tell we love cars and trains?

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Yes, the little man loves cars and trains, but so do I. I love that both cars and trains encourage creativity. Both types of toys have tracks that can be built in different each time. Kids must problem solve when playing to make sure a tunnel or bridge will work and that the turns aren’t too sharp.

Yes, cars and trains are the two most popular toys at our house.  And I plan on encouraging the little man and Miss E to keep playing with them.

Last week I shared some awesome Disney Cars gift ideas. Today I want to share with you some train gift ideas.


Train Tracks

There are a few different options when you’re looking at train tracks. Wood and plastic are the two main options. I prefer the wooden train tracks, they seem to fit together better and last longer. (My mom still has a train set from when I was growing up that my kids play with.) The wooden tracks are also compatible with the Thomas the train sets.

The wooden train sets come in a variety of sizes.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Set

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set comes with 130+ pieces. It includes two working cranes to load and unload cargo. As well as a roundhouse engine shed and two different bridges. This set comes with a six-piece freight train and a four-piece passenger train.

Wooden Train Tracks

Amazon sells a set of 52 wooden tracks that is compatible with all major brands. This set includes straight track, curved track and curved switch track. This is an awesome way to get additional track pieces to add to your collection, or to get a basic track. You can always purchase bridges, tunnels, etc. later.

Figure 8 Wooden Train Set

This 35-piece deluxe wooden train set is compatible with all major brands and is a great starter set. If you aren’t sure how much your kids will play with the trains this is the set I would get. It has the basics so you can test the waters and it’s compatible with other brands so you can always expand.

Train Set and Table

I’m not a huge fan of the train table, but I know people that love it. I find the table to be kind of a pain and most of the time the kids want to build on the floor anyway. The one thing I do like about the table is that it has storage bins underneath to store the pieces. (Maybe if I lived in a bigger house, I would like the table more.)

Train Sets

Thomas and Friends

Thomas and Friends Wooden railway individual engines are a fun addition to your basic train sets. These engines typically cost a little bit more than your generic wooden trains. But it`s always fun for kids to have a few engines that have names and they know from the tv shows.

12 Piece Wooden Engines & Train Cars

The Orbrium 12-piece wooden Engines and Train Cars is compatible with all major wooden train systems. All the cars have the magnetic connectors. It’s a wonderful way to get a lot of train cars for an affordable price.

Battery Operated Train

These Battery-Operated Train engines take playing with trains to a new level. These engines can connect to the other wooden railway engines and vehicles with the magnet connectors. It’s so fun to watch the kid’s excitement when the train can move on its own.

Stand Alone Toys

If a train set isn’t for you here are a few additional options for train gifts.

Farm Train Set

Melissa & Doug have this cute farm train set that is a standalone toy. It comes with three interchangeable cars, a cow, fruit and vegetable crates and cans of milk.

Thomas Playhut

This adorable popup train is the perfect little fort for any train lover. My little man loves the playhut houses. I love how fast and easy they are to put up and take down. Win, win situation right here.

Lego Duplo Number Train

Building this Lego train encourages not only creativity, but also number recognition and counting. Lego Duplo blocks are perfect for little builders, when they want the blocks to stay together well. (Check out my comparison of Lego Duplo vs Mega Bloks.)


I love gifts that encourage reading. I have found that my little man loves reading stories so much more if he is interested in the content of the book. So, we read a lot about anything that goes (cars, buses, trains and airplanes).

My Red Railway Book Box

This Thomas and Friends book box comes with 4 board books. They are the Bright and Early Board Books. I love these type of board books, they are excellent quality and a good size to make it easy to read and enjoy the pictures.

DK Smithsonian Trains Book

The DK books are packed with information. We have the automotive one and my little guy can look at it for hours. He is 2 so I know he is only enjoying the pictures, but as he gets older he will be able to get a ton of information out of the book.

My big train book

This book has pictures of various kinds of trains. It doesn’t share a lot of information about each train like the DK book. But it’s perfect for young readers, who love to look at pictures.

Do you have kids that love playing with trains?