Christmas lights are big part of how we decorate for the Christmas holiday. Many people have the tradition of going and seeing Christmas lights at different locations. I love going to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT.

3 Essentials for viewing Christmas Lights. These 3 tips will make viewing Christmas lights so much fun for the whole family. Make this years Christmas Light Experience Epic!

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Going to see the lights is fairly basic, right? You can either drive around and look at lights or walk around and look at lights, simple. Today I want to share with you a few ideas to make looking at Christmas Lights this year even more fun!

#1. Christmas Decoration Scavenger Hunt

There are tons of Christmas light/decoration scavenger hunts on Pinterest.  Joy in the works has an awesome Christmas decoration scavenger hunt for kids with a free printable. Free Home School Deals has a fun Christmas lights scavenger hunt. And the Dating Divas have an awesome group date Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Free Printable.

#2. Music

Don’t forget the Holiday music as you drive around looking at Christmas lights. Some of my favorite Christmas music is Mannheim Steamroller.

Listening to music just adds more magic to the experience!

#3.  3-D Holiday Eyes

These 3-D Glasses are the coolest thing ever!! Having a variety of these will make viewing Christmas lights so much fun!  The glasses magically make each light appear as a fun holiday character or message.

A couple of years ago, my parents special ordered a snowman pair and a star pair of these glasses. I was looking to get them for our family for this Christmas and there are so many options and Amazon has them!

On amazon, you can get a ton of different glass that will show a variety of different images.

Once you try these glasses you will want to share them with everyone. They make a fun inexpensive friend/ neighbor gift.


Do you do anything else to makes viewing Christmas Lights Extra Fun?