75 Christmas Food Trivia Questions and Answers (+Free Printable)

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The Christmas season is such a fun time of year filled with fun activities and my favorite Christmas food! I thought it would be fun to put some Christmas food trivia questions and answers into a printable.

This printable Christmas food trivia sheet can be used to play a fun trivia game with family or friends in the days leading up to Christmas. These trivia questions could also be fun to use with a class during the holiday season.

There are so many different Christmas food trivia questions that could be asked I couldn’t include them all but I gave it a good try.

These trivia questions come from Christmas carols or songs, Christmas movies, and facts about Christmas from around the world.

Christmas Food Trivia question and answer printable

Using the Printable Christmas Food Questions

There are a lot of different ways you can use these Christmas trivia questions, you could have a trivia tournament, include a trivia question in your kid’s lunch, play fun Christmas trivia games or just read them as you drive around in the car.

There really isn’t a wrong way to use these printable trivia questions and answers.

For my family, I cut out each of these Christmas food trivia questions and put them in a jar. The plan is to pull one or two of the questions out at dinner time throughout the month of December. (So we can have days of Christmas food trivia fun.)

Now that you have an idea of a few different ways you can use these questions let’s get onto the exciting part…The Christmas food trivia questions!

Christmas Food Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready for a Christmas food quiz (there are 75 trivia aka quiz questions)? Here we go. These questions are also typed into a printable you can get at the bottom of this post!

Q: In The Christmas Song what was “roasting on an open fire”?
A: Chestnuts

Q: What date is national eggnog day in the United States?
A: Christmas Eve (December 24th)

Q: What can be hung on the tree as a decoration and is a Christmas candy?
A: The candy cane

Q: In which country did eggnog originate?
A: Britain

Q: What drink company created the iconic Santa Claus we see today?
A: Coca-Cola

Q: In the movie Christmas with the Kranks what food item is fought over in the supermarket?
A: A Hickory honey ham

Q: In Japan what takeout food is traditionally eaten?

printable sheet of christmas food trivia questions on white countertop

Q: In the holiday film Santa Claus what does CD stand for?
A: Cookie Dispenser

Q: Traditionally what fruit is put in a Christmas Stocking?
A: Oranges

Q: In the movie A Christmas Story what does Ralphie’s little brother Randy hate eating?
A: Meatloaf

Q: What meat is traditionally eaten for Christmas dinner?
A: Turkey

Q: After the supermarket fiasco in the movie Christmas with the Kranks what food does she get for the party instead of hickory ham?
A: Smoked trout

Q: Traditionally what colors are candy canes?
A: Red and white

Q: What type of pudding is mentioned in the popular Christmas song We Wish you a Merry Christmas?
A: Figgy Pudding

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Q: Where did the gingerbread house tradition start?
A: Germany

Q: What name is given to small sausages wrapped bacon?
A: Pigs in blankets

Q: Which sauce is traditionally served with roast turkey?
A: Cranberry sauce

Q: Historically, women in England who wanted to find a husband ate what at Christmas for good luck?
A: Gingerbread men

Q: Which festive sweet treat is shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff?
A: Candy cane

Q: Lebkuchen is a German treat that is similar to which festive food?
A: Gingerbread!

Q: Panettone originated in which country?
A: Italy

Q: Which sweet pie filled with dried fruits and spices is usually served at Christmas time in the UK?
A: Mince pies

Q: Which Christmas sweet is also sometimes referred to as Peppermint stick?
A: Candy Cane

Q: What type of food do you usually get in an advent calendar?
A: Chocolate.

Q: Who leaves chocolate coins in children’s shoes?
A: St. Nicholas

Q: What crackers were originally meant to be a Christmas treat?
A: Animal Crackers. (The string on the box was intended to hang the box on Christmas trees.)

Q: What was the preferred poultry meat at Medieval Christmas feasts?
A: Peacock

Q: In what country is Christmas dinner usually grilled?
A: Australia

Q: In the Home Alone 2 movie what did Kevin order from room service?
A: two chocolate cakes, six mousses with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream topped with M&Ms, choc sprinkles, cherries, nuts, marshmallows, caramel syrup, chocolate, and strawberry syrup, whipped cream, bananas, six custard flans, a pastry cart, eight strawberry tarts, and 36 chocolate-covered strawberries.

Q: What non-edible item does the Grinch eat in the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
A: The Santa Plate and Glass Bottles

Cutting out the trivia questions

Q: What foods do people leave out for Santa’s reindeer?
A: Carrots or Oats

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Q: In the first Home Alone movie what food does Kevin want?
A: Cheese Pizza

Q: In what country is potato salad traditionally eaten at Christmas time?
A: Germany

Q: Sugar cookies are a holiday tradition for many, but one state has made it officially their state cookie. Which state?
A: Pennsylvania

Q: What snack food was historically strung and hung on the Christmas tree?
A: Popcorn

Q: What Christmas beverage is also known as “milk punch?”
A: Eggnog

Q: What much-reviled Christmas dessert is known for its long shelf life?
A: Traditional Fruit cake

Q: Where did fruitcake originate?
A: Fruitcake originated in ancient Egypt, where it was considered essential for the afterlife.

Q: What Christmas dish takes 7 months to prepare?
A: Greenland’s traditional Christmas dish, kiviak takes 7 months to prepare. To make this dish you first hollow out a seal skin and stuff it with 500 auks– a sea bird (feathers and all)– to ferment. When the holiday rolls around, it’s served straight from the seal.

Q: In what country must you wait to eat Christmas dinner until the first star appears
A: On Christmas Eve in Poland, traditionally, dinner cannot begin until the first star appears in the night sky, symbolizing the sight of the star of Bethlehem.

Q: What country has a traditional 12-course dinner on Christmas Eve?
A: There are 12 courses in the traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve supper, each of them dedicated to one of Christ’s apostles.

Q: What insect is a seasonal delicacy in South Africa?
A: deep-fried caterpillars of Emperor Moths

Q: In many Latin American countries what is a unique food typically added to their Christmas dinner?
A: Tamales

Q: Where can people eat a “Wigilia supper” at Christmas?
A: Poland.

Q: Which country came up with the dessert ”White Christmas” made from coconut oil and dried fruit?
A: Australia.

Q: What shape do people in Belgium make the festive bread ”Cougnou” into?
A: Baby Jesus.

Q: Which fairy tale served as an inspiration for the first gingerbread houses?
A: Hansel and Gretel.

Q: When and where were gingerbread houses invented?
A: In Germany during the 16th century.

Q: Where do candy canes come from?
A: Germany.

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Q: Why are Christmas candy canes red and white in color?
A: The white of the cane allegedly represents the purity of Jesus Christ. The red stripes, on the other hand, are for the blood he shed when he died on the cross.

Q: The Christmas drink, which is highly popular in the UK, is made from apple cider, lemons, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, The drink is not an alcoholic drink and it is known as…?
A: Wassail.

Q: What is a female turkey called?
A: A hen

Q: What type of tree is the partridge in, when singing “The 12 Days of Christmas”?
A: A Pear Tree

Q: Figgy pudding is also known as?
A: Christmas pudding or Plum pudding

Q: This traditional Christmas cake is called a bûche de noël or a…?
A: Yule Log

Q: What is Blair’s favorite dessert in Christmas With the Kranks?
A: Her mom’s caramel cream pie

Q: What meats are traditionally a part of Dinner on Christmas day in the United States?
A: Turkey or Ham

Q: What ingredients are in a traditional bread sauce recipe?
A: Milk, bread crumbs, butter, and spices.

Q: In the Christmas Movie Elf what does Buddy make for breakfast?
A: Spaghetti with maple syrup, chocolate syrup, M&Ms, marshmallows, and a chocolate fudge Pop-Tart.

Q: What is the most popular Christmas dinner main dish in the United States?
A: Turkey, closely followed by Ham.

Q: Historically in England, the main dish for Christmas dinner for the wealthy would have been roast goose swan, and the head of what animal?
A: A boar’s head (pig’s head)

Q: In the Santa Clause movie Judy’s hot chocolate isn’t stirred how is it mixed?
A: Shaken not stirred

Q: In the Christmas movie The Grinch who stole Christmas, The Grinch stole the last can of what?
A: Who Hash

Q: In the movie Christmas Vacation what food dish does Aunt Bethany bring to Christmas dinner?
A: Kitty kibble-topped Jell-O mold

Q: After burning Christmas dinner in the Santa Clause movie where do they go to dinner?
A: Denny’s

Q: What is the most popular vegetarian alternative to turkey for Christmas dinner?
A: Tofurkey

Q: In the holiday movie Christmas Vacation instead of getting a Christmas bonus Clark gets a card for what?
A: Jelly of the Month Club

Q: In Home Alone 1 and 2 Kevin enjoys the same dessert one of them homemade and the other at the Plaza hotel. What is the dessert?
A: An Ice Cream Sunday!

Q: Which foods are commonly used to decorate Christmas trees?
A: Candy canes and popcorn garlands.

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Q: From the movie Elf what are the 4 main food groups?
A: Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.

Q: In the movie A Christmas Story what type of restaurant do Ralphie and his family go to for Christmas Dinner?
A: Chinese

Q: In the Santa Claus movies what type of food dispenser is Santa’s sleigh equipped with?
A: A Cocoa Cookie Dispenser

Q: In the movie Christmas Vacation what is the drink in the moose mugs?
A: Clark’s Good Old Fashioned Christmas EggNog

Q: In the Christmas song Let it snow what did they bring for popping?
A: Corn

strips of Christmas food trivia questions and answers

Q: What type of pie is mentioned in multiple Christmas songs?
A: Pumpkin pie (it’s mentioned in the songs – sleigh ride, rocking around the Christmas tree, home for the holidays, and more)

A Few Christmas Trivia Questions (not food related)

Q: A well-known Christmas carol was actually originally written about Thanksgiving! Which carol is it?
A: Jingle Bells

Q: What is the first name of scrooge in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?
A: Ebenezer

Q: How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish?
A: Feliz Navidad

Q: What is the #1 Christmas song of all time?
A: White Christmas by Bing Crosby

Q: What language was the song silent night written in?
A: German.

Free Printable Trivia Questions

Please keep this printable pdf for personal or class use.

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