At Christmas time we often get caught up in all the stuff and it becomes a challenge to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
5 Gifts that bring Christ into Christmas
On I found the article 5 Gift ideas that bring Christ into Christmas.  After reading the article I decided to write this post with my thoughts from the article and additional ideas.
The 5 gift ideas that are mentioned in the article I read are:
  1. Give the gift of His life
  2.  Give the gift of His ministry
  3.  Give the gift of His word
  4. Give the gift of His Birth
  5. Give the gift of His love.

These gifts are different than the gifts mentioned in your typical Christmas gift guide. At first these gifts seem confusing but let’s look at them a little closer.

Give the Gift of His Life

In the article the suggestion for this gift is to watch the nativity. Another awesome way to Give the Gift of His Life would be to learn about his life.

Wouldn’t it be cool to read about Christs life in the days leading up to Christmas, then on Christmas eve read the Nativity and be reminded of how simple the life of Christ started but how much he was able to accomplish.

Give the Gift of His Ministry

Give someone a day of service coupon or do an act of service is the idea given in the article. When we look at Christs life everything he did was in service to others.

Here are a couple of fun ways to do service this Christmas:

  • Draw names in your family and do secret acts of service for the family member you have.
  • Do acts of service and write them down and put them in a stocking for Christ.
  • For each act of service put a piece of straw into a manger (wooden crates work great!) See how soft you can make the Baby Jesus bed by Christmas.
  • Participate in Sub-for-Santa

Give the Gift of His Word

Give the New Testament or other Book of scripture to someone you think would enjoy reading about the life of Christ this holiday season is the idea given.

I have family members that give the gift of his word by reading the last chapter of the Book of Mormon on Christmas morning before opening gifts. By showing you value his word your giving him a great gift.

Give the Gift of His Birth

Act out the nativity simply is the idea given. One of my favorite ways to remember his birth is to go on a journey.

Instead of acting out the nativity or reading the Christmas story traditionally. My parents started the tradition of going on a journey and reading the Christmas story as we go.

Give the Gift of His Love

Create a Christmas scripture service chain is the idea listed with a link to instructions on how to make the chain.

Remember the Spirit of Christmas

If we take the phrase “The Spirit of Christmas” it can easily become “The Spirit of Christ”.

What are we doing this Holiday Season to have the Spirit of Christ?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Spend time each day learning of Christ. Its hard to become like someone we don’t know.
  • Spend time serving others. Christ spent his whole life in service of others what better way to feel his spirit than to practice what he taught.
  • Make Reading the Christmas Story part of your Christmas celebration.

What are you doing to bring the Spirit of Christ into your home this Holiday Season?