This month (June) we only have two Sunday’s to teach (because of steak conference and a combined lesson). So, the first Sunday I want to teach “What are my responsibilities in the work of the priesthood?”. I am going to add a little bit from the lesson “What is the Priesthood?”.

What is the Priesthood


I want to start the lesson talking about the difference between Worldly Power and Priesthood Power. I want the girls to come up with things that make people powerful in the world and then read D&C 121:36-46 and talk about Priesthood Power.

I then want discuss the questions What is the Priesthood? How does Knowing the principles upon which Priesthood power is based make you feel?


After that I’m having a hard time deciding what I’m going to do. I’m either going to give the girls each a section from Relief Society: A Restoration of an Ancient Pattern and have them read it to the class or I’m going to show one of the videos suggested (they are both very good!).


After either reading or watching (possibly both) I want to discuss the questions what are my responsibilities in the work of the Priesthood? and How can I participate in the work of the Priesthood more fully?


Click here for a copy of the Handout. 


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