This past weekend our family spent some time at Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We really enjoyed our time hiking and exploring.

After researching about Bushkill Falls I found that there are a variety of different trails, and one of the trails will take you to see 8 different waterfalls. The trail that goes to all of the waterfalls is about 2 miles long, our plan was to hike this trail, but after hiking to the main falls we realized our hike needed to be shorter. It was really hot and packing a one year old up and down stairs (there are lots of stairs!) makes hiking a little bit harder. So the other falls will have to wait until our next visit, I think it would be beautiful to go back in the fall.

Visiting Bushkill Falls - A few Tips. Bushkill Falls located in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains is also known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. The trails around Bushkill Falls lead to 8 different waterfalls.

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Now on to the tips for visiting the falls.

Tips for Visiting Bushkill Falls

1. Wear Good Shoes

There are a few different paths leading to the main falls, all of them have stairs. A lot of stairs! The paths aren’t paved – some areas have wood paths but most of the trails have rocks and roots from trees. When we were leaving we did see a girl starting to hike in 4-inch wedges, I would not recommend wearing those types of shoes. We all had tennis shoes on and they worked great.

Bushkill falls - Caution

2. Bring Water

Water is a must, especially during the summer. Even if your hiking the shorter trail there are a lot of stairs and in the heat you will be really glad to have water. (These are our favorite water bottles – my one year old drinks from it like a champ!)

3. Pay with Cash

Before entering the area to hike you must pay the entrance fee. When we were there the line was really long. After waiting for a few minutes, we realized there was a separate line for those paying with cash.  The line for cash was short – so if it’s possible pay with cash.

Bushkill Fall Entrance to falls

4. Arrive Early

The line to turn into Bushkill falls was really long and parking was a little crazy. (They do have people directing you where to park.) I’m sure it depends on the time of year how busy the falls are, but arriving early will get you a better parking spot during the busy time of year.

5. Bug Spray and Sunscreen

It’s hot and wet so bug spray and sunscreen are a must, especially for those with fair skin like our little man. (These are our favorite bug spray and sunscreen.)

Bushkill Falls - Chairs

6. Leave the Cooler in the Car

They do not allow coolers on the hiking paths, so be sure to leave it in the car. They do have picnic tables by the parking and gift shop, so before/after your hike you can have a picnic lunch/dinner.

Stairs at Bushkill Falls

7. Backpack or Carrier

If you are bringing young kids be sure to bring a backpack or other carrier – there are a lot of stairs so your little ones will most likely not be able to walk. Our little man loved being packed by daddy. (he even took a little nap!)

Bushkill Falls Indian Museum Bear

8. Indian Museum – Great Place to Cool off

The gift store, fudge shop and Indian Museum all have air conditioning. We found the Indian museum and attached gift shop to be the coolest, since the fewest people seemed to be in this building.

Wagon Wheel Pavilion - Bushkill Falls

9. Food

They do have a restaurant and treat shop – if your planning to eat here be prepared to pay, it was a little pricey.

10.Bring Camera

Last but not least don’t forget your camera to capture the beautiful falls and unique trails.
I heart bushkill falls


Family photo Bushkill Falls

{Family Photo at the Bottom of Bushkill Falls}

Bushkill Falls - Top of Main Falls

{Top of the Main Falls}

Bushkill Falls - bottom of main falls

{Bottom of the Main Falls}

After hiking Bushkill Falls, there are a few other things you can do including:

Bushkill Falls - Fishing


Mining - Bushkill Falls

Mining for Gemstones

Bushkill Falls Maze

A Maze

Souvenir Shop Bushkill Falls

The Gift Shop

The story of bushkill falls

You can also learn about the history of Bushkill Falls.


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