December Blog Income Report

It’s hard to believe but we finally made it to the December blog income report which is the twelfth and final income report I will be writing as a review of my first year with Mediavine ads on my website.

December was a great month for the blog and our family, but it went so fast! I can’t believe we are already in 2022!

December Income Report

Since this is my 12th income report I’m sure you probably already know I like to write my income report is a little bit different than a lot of them you see out there.

I’m only sharing the income I make off of having ads on my website, none of the other income I get from this blog is shared in this report.

While I do make income in several other ways I wanted to focus these reports on sharing how much money I make from Mediavine Ads my first full year with their ads on my website.

Why I’m Writing a Blog Ad Income Report

There are a lot of reasons people write income reports, for those that blog about blogging it’s a big moneymaker. The reason I have been writing these income reports is as a way to track my personal journey and see the income growth my first year with Mediavine.

I got accepted to the Mediavine Ad Network, Memorial Day weekend 2020 and it was so exciting seeing how much more money I was making than with Google Adsense. So I decided I wanted to do an income report each month of my first full year in Mediavine.

Not only did I want to do this as a way to track my progress but also to encourage bloggers that are still trying to figure out how to monetize their blogs. (digital products and Mediavine ads are two of my favorite ways of monetizing in case you’re wondering.)

When I started writing these income reports in January I figured that by the end of the year I would hate writing them. I was wrong, I love writing them and seeing the growth and change each month year over year.

I love that I can see my goals and results all written out each month. I also love the accountability that putting this post out there for all of you to read puts on me.

But even though I have really enjoyed writing these reports this past year. I’m not going to continue writing them (at least for now) because honestly, I enjoy writing the lifestyle posts even more.

Lifestyle Blogs

One of the big reasons I wanted to write this income report series is because I rarely see income reports for lifestyle blogs, most of the income reports I see are from bloggers who blog about blogging, and often a big portion of their income isn’t even from their blog.

I want this income report to show that you can make money with a lifestyle or mom blog you don’t have to have a specific niche, you don’t have to blog about blogging, you don’t have to be a freelance writer or have a huge social following to make money.

Keep in mind that I’m still a really small blog and not making that much money compared to many of the big bloggers. But I’m also making a lot more money than other blogs, so it just depends on where you’re at in your blogging journey.

For years I dreamed about making $100 a month then that dream changed to $500 a month. Now my dreams have grown even bigger and I’m sure they will continue to grow as I meet new goals and learn even more.

While my blog still has a lot more growing to do I’m really happy with how much it’s grown in the last year and I can’t wait to see where it is a year from now.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog ad income report and it is motivating to you. (Reading other blog income reports has been very motivating to me over the years and helped me stick with this blogging thing when I feel burnt out!)

If this blog income report does nothing else I hope it helps you realize that not all bloggers are making a ton of money. And that it is possible to make money without selling a product/course or having tons of affiliate sales.

Remember there will always be someone more successful, but don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or your middle to someone else’s end.

What I’m Including (or Not) In This Report

Before getting into my goals and income for December (all of the exciting stuff!) let me just remind you of a few things.

#1 I will only be sharing my income from Mediavine. (Remember this is only 1 of the income streams I have for this blog) Some months it’s my highest income source but most of the time I make more on product sales.

#2 The income amount I share is the income before I take out expenses or pay taxes.

#3 Each blog will make a different amount of money with ads even if they have similar topics and traffic numbers.

#4 I was accepted into Mediavine before the traffic requirements changed to 50,000 sessions. So if you get accepted with the new requirement you can most likely expect to make more money in your first year as a Mediavine blogger.

Blog Income Report December 2021

As I previously mentioned I like sharing my income reports a little bit differently than other reports I have seen. I like to share the goals I set for the month and then share if I hit those goals.

Along with telling you what my goals are and if I met them I also like to give you more information about why I set the goal, hitting it, etc. I hope you find this additional information helpful.

December Goals

Okay, let’s take a look at the goals I set for December. I set several goals including the number of sessions I wanted to hit (traffic goal), the amount of ad income I wanted to make, and tasks I wanted to complete (number of posts written, emails sent, etc).

Just like last month I have a lot of posts I’m wanting to get published this month that I’m really excited about. But I also know that the holiday season can get really busy, so figuring out a balance and how big to set my goals is hard. But here we go.

Traffic Goal

My traffic goal for December was to get 25,000 sessions on my website. This is 5 thousand more sessions than my goal for November.

Goal Met? Yes!

My goal was 25,000 sessions and I got 28,029 sessions which is over my goal and made me so excited to see what traffic is going to be like in 2022!

The number of sessions in December 2021 is a 65.81% increase from last year (2020). Which makes it one of the biggest months of growth I have had this year!

I have been using a new tool called RankIQ for a few months to write keyword-targeted posts and it seems my strategy of writing SEO-optimized articles is finally starting to help me improve my traffic. 34.51% of my traffic came from organic searches in December.

Content Goals

For December I set the goal to publish 8 new blog posts during the month. With Christmas, New Years’, family activities, and being very pregnant I felt like this was a realistic goal that I would be able to hit while still enjoying time with my family.

Goal Met? YES!

I was able to publish 8 posts in December. I started using a new SEO tool that helped some of the new posts I wrote rank on google quickly which really helped my traffic increase a lot.

December Income Goal

My December blog ad income goal was to make $1,200 from Mediavine Ads. I worked on my posts throughout the year so I know my RPMs are a lot higher this year than they were last year so I really think this could happen, especially after making over $1,000 last month.

Goal Met? YES!

I made over $1,200 dollars from Mediavine ads in December to be exact I made $1,209.74 from Mediavine Ads! Which was a record month for me!

It’s crazy looking back at the last year and seeing how much Mediavine ads have changed my life with the income from the blog.

I remember being so excited to make a dollar a day from ads not very long ago and now I’m able to make so much more than that.

I know I’m still not making that much money, but I’m making so much more from my blog than I ever have before. It’s so exciting to see the money I have earned get deposited into my account each month.

Reminder – for my December income, I’m only sharing the income I made with Mediavine ads (which was actually my highest income source this month). You can read about all the different ways I make money on this blog here.

Email Newsletter Goal

For the past few months, I have been doing better at consistently sending emails to my newsletter list each week. So for December, my goal is to continue sending weekly emails so to put it in numbers I want to send 4 emails, one each week of the month.

Goal Met? Yes

I sent 6 emails to my subscribers in December which was more than my goal of sending 4 emails. I sent one each week (5) and then I did a giveaway so I sent an additional email sharing about that.


In December I also set a goal for Instagram. For a long time, I have wanted to get to 10K followers on Instagram, but lately, I’ve decided not to worry about my follower numbers. Instead, I’m going to worry about things I can control. My goal for December was to share 10 reels along with 10 static posts to my Instagram page.

Goal Met: Yes and No

In December I made and shared 19 reels! But I only shared 5 static posts to my page instead of 10. But since Reels are what is trending on Instagram and they take more time to create than a static post I’m calling it a win. If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, I would love it if you give me a follow and join in on the fun we have over there.

Goals Moving Forward

It’s kind of crazy to realize I’m finished writing these reports. But even though I won’t be sharing my monthly goals with you in a blog post, I will still be setting goals and hopefully hitting them.

If you want an idea of some of the goals I will be working on, take a look at this post of 30 things to do before I turn 30. This year I turn 29 so I will be working on crossing off the things on this list this year.

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    1. My income was about the same for 2022 a little bit more but not much. Ad spend is down compared to 2021, but I’m hopeful that next year will be even better!

    2. My income was about the same for 2022 a little bit more but not much. Ad spend is down compared to 2021, but I’m hopeful that next year will be even better!

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