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I love Christmas time all the twinkling lights and the magic of the season. This year we cut our own Christmas tree.We had so much fun exploring the tree farm and picking out the perfect tree.

Decorating Our 2017 Family Christmas Tree #Christmas #treeideas #christmastree #familychristmas

Once we got the tree home and up two flights of stairs!! (Thank you apartment living!) We finally got to decorate the tree.

Pulling out the lights both of my kids were mesmerized. They loved playing with the lights while helping daddy put them on the tree.

I love the way white lights look so we stick with that color for now. Since the kids can’t share their opinion on Christmas lights yet.

The ornaments on our tree are an eclectic mix of bulbs, handmade rustic ornaments, and ornaments from growing up.

The bulbs are shatterproof (a must with two little kiddos!) They are a mix of red, green and silver.

Homemade Borax Ice cycles Decorating Our 2017 Family Christmas Tree #Christmas #treeideas #christmastree #familychristmas

This year the little man and I made a few icicles and even a snowflake from borax to hang on the tree.

We also had fun gathering sticks to make a few twig stars to hang on the tree.

A few Hershey’s kiss garlands are also a fun addition to our tree this year.

This photo ornament is from when the little man was not even one. I’m behind and haven’t ordered ornaments for this year or last.

The other ornaments are Jared’s from growing up. As we decorated the tree this year I realized all of the ornaments from my childhood are still at my mom’s.

To finish off the tree decorations we have a beautiful silver star.

The ornaments on the lower half of the tree get rearranged daily. At first, I found this frustrating. But now I love how excited the kids are about Christmas and how much they love the tree.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you have a theme or is it a mix?