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People are always worrying about money and improving their finances. So how about this year we don’t? What if we don’t try to take control of our finances this year? What if instead, we lose control of our finances.

How about if we just let our finances do what they may and don’t worry about it. The following 10 steps will help you lose control of your finances.

People are always worrying about money and improving their finances. So how about this year we don't? Instead, lose control of your finances! thekeeledeal.com #lifehacks #finances #debt

10 steps to lose control of your finances

1. Apply for all credit card and loan offers

I don’t know about you but we get so many credit card offers in the mail, it’s kinda crazy.

Applying for these cards is a great use of time and can give you extra fun money.

2. Make Late Payments

Don’t worry about making payments until the company notifies you that the payment is late. If you are really lucky you can go a couple months before they notify you!

3. Get that new Tech!

New technology is always coming out. Make sure you always have the latest and greatest phone, tv and other technology.

4. Lease a car

We all have an idea of what our dream car would be like. Instead of just dreaming make it a reality by leading a new car with affordable payments.

5. Take a Dream Vacation on Credit

Why pay for it now when you can just enjoy it? Take that luxury cures or tour of Europe. Don’t worry about the cost, we can take care of that later.

6. Work less, spend more

Life should be enjoyed don’t worry about that income going down since your only working part-time now. Instead, go on a shopping spree to take your mind of not working.

7. Eat out every meal

Why would you want to cook when someone else can do it for you? Enjoy eating out every day don’t forget to order drinks and dessert.

8. Head to the casino

Bet the whole paycheck who knows you might win big! If not at least you have the credit cards to pay for everything.

9. Don’t Budget

If you said “Budget? What’s that?” You have this step covered.

10. Keep up with the “Joneses’ “

You know that family that has everything. Why should they be the only ones? Keep up with them or even pull ahead!

I don’t know about you but losing control of my finances sounds like hard work.