My calling at church is to teach the young women in our ward. I get to teach the laurels (girls 16-18 years old) with another sister in the ward. This past Sunday I taught the lesson titled Why do we have adversity?

In preparation for teaching this lesson I created a handout for the girls to use to take notes throughout the lesson.

Handout for Young Women February Come Follow Me Lesson "Why do we have adversity?"
To start the lesson, we talked about why we have adversity. We read the scriptures recommended in the lesson that talk about adversity. Then I divided the girls into pairs and assigned one of the scriptures in the table and had them read it and share with the class.
We then talked about how what we learned from those scriptures about how to face challenges. After that discussion, I read from Sister Reeves talk about the Provo City Center Temple and shared pictures from
I planned to then read the scriptures about the blessings that come from adversity but we ran out of time. Over all the lesson went really well. If it wouldn’t have been Fast Sunday I think the girls would have talked a little more.