Black Friday is one week away! Crazy! Shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be fun, exciting and stressful all at the same time.

How to get the most out of Black Friday Shopping. Tips and advice for saving the most money. #blackfriday #shopping #savingmoney #holidays #christmasshopping #blackfridayshopping

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Shopping on these “crazy” days can save you a lot of money if you shop smart. (It can cost you more to shop if you’re not careful!)

Here are a few tips to help you max your savings when you shop.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping

#1 Make a list

Use a spreadsheet, amazon wishlist, or notebook page. It really doesn’t matter what you use, just write down what you are shopping for.

Start your list before the ads come out, write down things you need, what your spouse and kids want, etc. When the ads come out you can now see if anything on your list is on sale. You can also add things to your list after looking at the ads.

#2 Check the Prices before the sale

You know what you want to buy, you have a list, but is it really a good deal?

Checking the regular price of an item can help you know how good of a deal the sale is. (Adding the original price to your list might be a good idea for information purposes.)

Sometimes it’s not much of a savings and your better off waiting to purchase the item if you don’t need it right away.

#3 Check online resources

You can view the ads for Black Friday as soon as they are released by simply searching the store’s name Black Friday and the year (ie. Walmart Black Friday 2017). This can help with your shopping list prep.

Personally, I like to check the newspaper ads as well as the online ones.

Another great online resource is The Krazy Coupon Lady she goes through and tells you the best deals at each store. Not always are the best deals items on my list but it’s an awesome resource.

How to get the most out of Black Friday Shopping. Tips and advice for saving the most money. #blackfriday #shopping #savingmoney #holidays #christmasshopping #blackfridayshopping

#4 Know Store Hours and Policies

It’s always a good idea to check store coupon and return policies before making any purchases. Store hours are usually different for Black Friday so be sure to make sure you know what time the stores you are shopping at open.

#5 Use Coupons, Rebates and Receipt Apps

Use store and product coupons if you can to save even more on Black Friday deals. Rebate and Receipt apps can give you money back on items you purchased.


What tips do you have for shopping on Black Friday?