Is anyone else having a hard time believing that next week is Thanksgiving? November is just flying by! This morning I realized we need to do some Thanksgiving crafts before Thanksgiving is over. So the little man and I decided to make this fun (easy!) pompom turkey craft.

This fast and easy googly eye pompom turkey is the perfect toddler craft. It takes almost no prep and it makes very little mess. A win in my book! #turkey #turkeycraft #toddlercraft #thanksgivingcrafts #thanksgivingtoddlercraft #toddleractivity #pompomturkey #googlyeyecraft #Thanksgiving

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The little man loves any craft that involves googly eyes so that is a must for most crafts at our house. So we created a googly eye pompom turkey.

Pompom Turkey

This craft is super easy and requires less than 5 minutes to get everything ready.

You will need:

Pompoms (Amazon)
Googly eyes (Amazon)
Free printable turkey

I love that this craft is simple and that my 2-year-old could do it almost completely on his own. I just helped with the glue. (He hands me the eye or pompom and I put glue on it and hand it back.)

Depending on your toddler they may be able to do it all on their own. My little guy hates getting sticky, so we use a glue stick even though liquid glue would probably be easiest to attach the pompoms.

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Once you have all the supplies there is no wrong way to decorate your turkey. The little man wanted eyes first then the pompoms. So that’s what we did.

You could easily have your child color the turkey outline or use feathers instead of pompoms. The options for decoration are limitless.

Just remember to have fun creating a memory with your toddler.