How to Save the Most Shopping on Prime Day (2022)

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Amazon’s Prime Day is quickly becoming a summer version of Black Friday. For the past several years Amazon has had a set day that they offer amazing deals similar to what you would find on Black Friday.

These deals only last for a short amount of time, some of the deals only last for hours while others you can shop for 2 days.

What is Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day is an awesome day and a half of amazing deals, promotions, and even a few giveaways for Prime members. If you don’t have a Prime membership you can get a free 30-day trial so you don’t miss out on these awesome deals!

A few Quick tips for Amazon Prime Day. Including 6 ways to help you get the most out of shopping online. #primeday #amazon #shopping #gifts #christmasinjuly #sales #money

When is Prime Day 2022?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be on July 12 and 13. Prime day will start Tuesday, July 12 at 12 am PDT with epic deals, exclusive offers, new product launches, and more. The event will last 48 hours.

How To Save the Most Money Shopping on Prime Day

1. Make a List

Using the Amazon app you will be able to see select deals before Prime Day. Right now you can see some of the prime day launches, which are products just for Prime members to purchase for a limited time.

You can select items to watch during the prime day deals so you can get alerts when they go on sale. Here are directions for adding items to your list.

If there are items you aren’t sure will be on sale add them to your wishlist so it’s easy to see if they are on sale during Prime Day.

2. Watch Items so You Don’t Miss Any Deals

On Prime Day you will be able to view a lot of deals before they start. Use Amazon’s awesome watchlist feature so you don’t miss out on any deals.

3. Shop Smart 

Prime Day is full of awesome deals, but a deal is only a deal if you actually need the product. So when you’re looking at products think of things you need as well as upcoming holidays and birthdays. Now is a great time to get some Christmas shopping done so that the holidays can be less stressful.

4. Enter the Giveaways 

Amazon has giveaways going daily on the app for Prime Day. Some of the giveaways I saw included tech products (like an iPad, echo spot, PlayStation 4), movies, and gift cards. Be sure to check daily for the new giveaways, no need to wait for prime day.

Entry into the Giveaways is simple. Just watch a short amazon video and click enter.

6. Discount Subscription Services 

Amazon Subscription services are a big way to save. Deals on audible and kindle unlimited are often part of Amazon Prime Day Deals.

Amazon Audible Premium Plus Deal – Try audible free and get up to 2 free audiobooks

Kindle Unlimited Deal

Top Prime Day Deals

Last year we saw several awesome prime day deals and depending on what items you need and are on your list the best deals will look different for everyone.

Typically some of the best deals you will find on Prime Day are discounts on Amazon devices. But you can find deals on most products amazon sells, some deals are definitely better than others.

Remember a deal is only a good deal if the item on sale is something you would already be buying.

When I’m shopping Prime Day deals I try to look for things I already need to buy. I look to see if the items I have added to my wishlist are on sale, and I look for deals on items that I would be purchasing for birthday or Christmas gifts.

Prime Day can be a great time to get ahead in your holiday shopping, back-to-school shopping, and to stock up the gift closet. But it can also be easy to get caught up in all the “deals” and purchase things you don’t really need.

Bonus: Keep an eye on other stores for deal days that are similar to prime day. In years past we have seen Walmart and Target both have deals at about the same time as Amazon prime day.

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How To Save the Most Shopping on Prime Day. Shopping on Amazon Prime Day is a great way to save money and get ahead for the holidays. #primeday #amazon #savemoney #shopping #onlineshopping

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