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Each year on January 29 it’s National Puzzle Day. What a great day to spend putting together puzzles with your little ones.

Interestingly the first Jigsaw puzzle was invented about 1760 in Britain by John Spilsbury. The first puzzle was a map mounted on a piece of wood with each country cut out into a piece.

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At our house, the puzzles are pretty simple, but if you don’t have a toddler you might consider putting together this 850 piece Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle. But since we have two little people at our house most of the puzzles we put together are 26 pieces or less.

If you’re looking for some fun puzzles to do with your little ones here are some of our favorites.

My favorite toddler puzzles have both a wooden board and wooden pieces. I made the mistake of getting the thick cardboard puzzle and my 1 year old promptly chewed up one of the pieces. Needless to say, we try to stick with only wooden puzzles for now.

First Toddler Puzzles –

My favorite “First puzzles” for young toddlers are the puzzles with larger wooden knobs and the chunky puzzles.

This Safari puzzle is an example of a chunky puzzle. The puzzle has 8 pieces that are all wooden and because each piece is extra-thick it makes it easier for little hands to get into place.

This fun Farm Animal puzzle was my little guys favorite for a long time. The knobs make it really easy to hold onto the pieces. Before the little man could do the puzzle on his own he loved pulling the pieces out and hitting them together. 

This Disney Puzzle is another fun chunky wooden puzzle.

More Advanced Toddler Puzzles –

Once your toddler can easily do the chunky wooden puzzles and the knob puzzles it’s time to get a little more challenging.

The puzzles that my 2-year-old loves are the ones with small pegs or no peg at all. But they still have a board with the shape cut out for the piece to fit in.This Alphabet puzzle is one of the little man’s favorites. He loves it when I sit with him and ask him to find each letter and hand it to me. Then he loves putting them all back in place.

This bear puzzle is another fun one for this stage. With a variety of ways to put this puzzle together it really helps your kids get creative.

Boardless Puzzles –

Once your toddler masters the puzzles with a board it’s time to try some puzzles without boards. These puzzles are usually cardboard and harder for kids to put together without help.

Starting out with bigger size pieces and fewer pieces is always a good idea.

Melissa & Doug have some fun floor puzzles that have around 50 pieces that are larger in size.