Since we move around a lot and have been living in apartments most of our married life we don’t have a lot of decorations. For a simple Valentines decoration, the little man and I made this fun Valentine’s Day Garland.

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If your looking for a fast and easy activity to do with your toddler this is a great option. All you need are 3 simple items, you probably have around the house.

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To Make a Valentine’s Day Garland You Need:

String – We used pink and white bakers twine

Tape – We used washi tape because I’m out of clear tape

Cardstock – any paper will work

Instructions for Making Your Valentine’s Day Garland

Before you invite the toddler –

I have found out through a lot of trial and error that it’s so much easier to do a craft with my 2-year-old if I have everything ready before I have him come help me.

The prep for this activity is minimal. All I did was cut out hearts in different sizes from the cardstock and cut the string to the length I wanted the Garland.

With your Little Helper –

Now that you have a cute little helper it’s time to assemble your garland. Help your toddler position the hearts with the string going across it and then tape it. For the bigger hearts, 2 pieces of tape spaced out worked the best. 

Move the string and space the hearts out as you go. Once you get to the end of the string your garlands done! Now it’s time to decide where you want to hang it. We decided to hang our garland above the windows. The little man thought it was great standing on the couch to “help” me hang it up.