In January, I shared some of my Goals for 2016, today I’m going to share a review of how I’m doing on these goals.

In January I shared some of my Goals for 2016, today I'm going to share a review of how I'm doing on these goals.

1. Weekly Date Night

We have been on two dates (January and February). We make sure to spend time together as much as possible and we do a lot of family activities on the weekend, but date night is hard. Now I don’t really feel that A weekly, Date Night is something I’m going to keep as a goal. Right now, I feel like spending time together when Aaron is in bed is our “Date” and spending time as a family is the best for us right now.

2. Fold Laundry right after I pull it out of the dryer.

This is a hit and miss – sometimes I do good and others I don’t. I am still going to keep working on this goal because it really does make life easier when the laundry is already folded!

3. Try New Recipes

I have tried a few new recipes but I don’t think I have even made a dent in the recipes I have pinned. If I ever want to try all those recipes I’m going to have to keep this going for years!

4. Learn Something New

I feel like I have been doing really good at this goal. I have been learning a lot about blogging, websites and online marketing. I have also continued to research and learn about Travel and things to do in the United States!

5. Get out of Debt

This continues to be our main goal for 2016, originally we thought we would be able to get out of debt by the end of this year. Due to some unexpected expenses, it looks like it will take a little longer than we thought.  We have started reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and we are continuing to budget. Now the plan is to be out of debt in the first couple months of 2017!

6. Become a Better Teacher

I feel like I have become more confident in my teaching. I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m learning more and more all the time. I will say that sometimes it is really hard to have discussions because no one wants to talk; I’m still figuring out how to get more discussion and less of me just talking.

What are some of your goals for this year?