Apple Toothpick Tower Kids Activity {+ Free Printable}

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This apple toothpick tower kids activity is a fun STEM activity that helps kids learn to problem solve, get creative and have fun. Plus this activity works as a fun snack time and ties in perfectly with apple and fall themes.

We have been learning about apples this fall and I decided that since my kids love making marshmallows and toothpick towers it would be fun to do a fall twist on that activity. So we switched out the marshmallows for apples and it was a simple as that to start this fun kids apple activity.

Apple Toothpick Tower Activity + Free Printable worksheet

Apple Toothpick Tower

This apple toothpick tower is such a simple activity to put together and you can double it as snack time which is a total win! Plus you probably already have everything you need for your kids to do this activity.


-Paper Plate (optional)

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How to Make an Apple Toothpick Tower

The first step in making an apple toothpick tower is getting everything ready, which means cutting the apples.

Cutting Apples

Depending on the age of your kids you can let them help you with the cutting, but obviously, you know your kids best so that is a personal decision.

When cutting the apples I found it was easiest to cut out the core and slice the apple then cut the slices into cubes. My kids liked using a variety of different-sized apple pieces so I would recommend leaving a few pieces bigger and then doing some medium and smaller sizes. The different-sized pieces seemed to work better for different areas of the kid’s builds.

Building the Tower

For my kids to build the tower I gave them each a paper plate to build on and then they shared apple cubes from a big plate and had a big pile of toothpicks.

After giving my kids the supplies I just let them get creative and have fun building. They had a lot of unique ways they tried to build their towers at first.

After a little bit of time letting them try to build on their own, we talked about building a strong base for their towers and how to use the apples to connect the toothpicks, and why each of the walls needed to be balanced against the other walls.

If the kids eat a few apples as they build don’t worry just cut up another apple if you need to.

My kids had fun building these apple toothpick towers for over an hour and we will probably do this activity again this fall since they had so much fun.

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Apple Tower Printable

To go along with this fun activity I created a printable for the kids to draw their tower and write down how tall they were able to build their tower.

After the kids finished building their towers as tall as they wanted we used a ruler to measure the height of their tower. (We rounded the measurement to the next inch) Then the kids wrote the height on the bottom of their apple tower printable.

Download Your Printable

This Apple Tower printable worksheet is only available for personal use. Click the button below to download your printables.

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