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Yay, it’s Friday! Friday means something different to each family. To our family, it signifies the first evening of the weekend and the start of family time.

To many of us, Friday nights probably look something like staying up late, eating junk food (we try to avoid during the week) and binge-watching Netflix.

Celebrate Friday -Weekly Traditions Your Kids Will Remember #Friday #familytime #traditions #weekend

If your tired of each Friday looking the same without any real family bonding happening then you have come to the right place.

Did you know that from birth to 18 years old you have only 936 Fridays with your kids? That may sound like a lot but by the time your kids are 6 years old you have already had 312 Fridays. Those 936 Fridays are going to be gone in a flash. Here are some ideas to help you Celebrate Friday with your family.

Celebrating Friday Ideas

French Fry Friday

When I was young my mom liked to celebrate Friday by making homemade french fries. All of the kids had to help make the fries, either peeling, cutting or seasoning the potatoes.

I have fond memories of working in the kitchen telling silly stories and being goofy with my siblings and parents. At the time I had no idea what a great memory we were creating, we were just making lunch/dinner for Friday.

Now with my own kids, we try to make French Fries on Fridays. Our fries seasonings vary from week to week and we love to throw in sweet potatoes sometimes. Some weeks we miss and others we make fries on a different day but it’s a fun way to celebrate the weekend.

Game Night

As I got into teens we didn’t make french fry’s as often on Friday instead we started having Game Nights. My parents always encouraged us to invite our friends but many Friday nights it was just our family gathered around the table playing games until the middle of the night.

Right now my kids are too young to stay up late playing games. But when we get together with my parents and siblings Jared and I love staying up and playing. We are excited about the day our kids are old enough to play some of our favorite games with us. (But we want them to stay little as long as possible!)

Movie Night

See Netflix isn’t a bad thing, it could totally be part of your family’s Friday Celebrations. I think the difference between creating a bonding moment and just binge-watching is a few things.

Letting everyone help in deciding what to watch makes a difference and everyone watching the show on one TV/device is the key.

Many of our Friday nights right now end with our family watching a Disney Movie. The little man’s current favorites are Toy Story and Cars 3.

Friday Night Treats 

For Jared, Friday Night means Soda and Sweets. During the week we try to eat healthy so on the weekend we have our cheat days and Soda and Sweets are allowed. The little man loves this because lately, it means he gets Chocolate Milk!

When Jared and I were first married almost every Friday Night we had Pizza it was a great treat and something we looked forward to each week.

Have Family Dinner

Right now with two toddlers, we have family dinner almost every night but as the kids get older schedules get crazy. Maybe your Friday night tradition could simply be having dinner together.

936 Fridays

936 Fridays it goes really fast. Celebrating Friday doesn’t have to be anything big, just create a memory. Your kids might not thank you now but somewhere down the road, they will thank you for working so hard to create memories with them.

Psst…If Friday’s are crazy at your house with dates, sports, and other activities then Celebrate Saturday or Sunday. Just pick one day a week and do something to make it a day your family makes memories together.