How to Make a Juice Box Cake

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Frozen 2 came out last month and as I’m sure you have noticed our favorite Frozen characters are on everything. When we saw these cute Frozen juice boxes we knew we needed to do something fun with them. So we made a Juice Box cake.

Quick and Easy Juice Box Cake the perfect way to set up juice boxes for a get together or birthday party

Back in 2016, I wrote a post about How to Make a Soda Can cake using a 12 pack of soda. It’s still one of the most visited posts on the website so I thought it was about time to write another one like it.

This juice box cake is perfect for birthday parties or playdates. It’s a fun way to gift juice boxes or display them at a party or get together.

How to Make the Juice Box Cake

To make this juice box cake all you really need is juice boxes but adding some ribbon makes the cake extra fun and festive.

Our juice box cake was made using 44 juice boxes. But you could easily make it using fewer juice boxes.

We went a little crazy and made our juice box cake have 5 tiers. You could easily make this cake with only 3 tiers and use about 15 juice boxes.

Juice Box cake with juicy juice boxes and curly ribbon

How to build the cake

I made my cake on my table so it wouldn’t be moved. If you want to be able to move your cake, build each layer on a piece of cardboard so that you can pick up the cake and move it. You can see how I did this with the Soda Can Cake.

Decide How Big to Make it

Our cake was a good size for a party or get together. The first layer of our juice box cake had 17 juice boxes.

The second layer of the cake had 12 juice boxes, the third had 9, the 4th layer had 5 and the top was a single juice box.

Juice Box Cake made with Frozen 2 juice boxes

You can easily make the cake smaller, just start by making the first layer and then making the second layer a little smaller than that. Doing a 3 layer cake would only use about 15 juice boxes.

Making Each Tier of the Cake

Start with the bottom tier of the cake and make a circle out of juice boxes and then fill it in with additional juice boxes. Squeeze them in tight for a solid cake.

First layer of the juice box cake

For the second tier make a smaller circle of juice boxes on top of the first tier and fill it in. Continue to do this with each tier until you are done.

building the juice box cake

Once the cake is put together you can wrap each layer with ribbon to give it a fun and festive look. Or you can leave it as a fun cake/tower of juice boxes with nothing else needed!

Juice box cake made using Frozen 2 Juicy Juice boxes

For this Juice Box cake, I wrapped some curly ribbon around each layer. It makes for a perfect way to display juice boxes at a birthday party.

Have you ever made a cake out of juice boxes?

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DIY Juice Box Cake a fun and easy drink display for birthday parties

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