DIY Beach Filled Ornaments

While we lived in Florida this past summer we spent a lot of time at the beach. So when we moved back to Maryland I knew I wanted to take some of the beach with me. So we made some Beach Filled Ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree.

DIY Beach Filled Clear Ornaments - fill the ornaments with sand and shells or even shark teeth!

The ornaments were quick and easy to make and look so fun hanging on our tree. Each time I see my beach filled ornaments I’m reminded of our happy times on the beach this summer.

Beach Filled Ornaments

There are several ways you could fill ornaments with momentous from your time at the beach. Here are just a couple of ways that we filled clear plastic ornaments with sand and other things we found at the beach.

Sand and Shells

To make a sand and shells ornament you need a few supplies:

Beach ornament supplies

Take the top off of your clear ornament (you can find these ornaments either glass or plastic at craft stores and even at the dollar store).

Then using a kitchen funnel or one made out of paper start to fill your ornament. I filled mine just under halfway.

Sandy beach ornament filled with little beach treasures like shells and shark teeth.

Then drop in your small shells, shark teeth and anything else you want on top of the sand. You might be slightly limited on what you can put into the ornament because of the size of the opening at the top of the ornament.

Once everything you want is inside the ornament put the top back on and it’s done. You can add a tag with what beach the sand and shells are from or you can write it on the ornament if you want.

Sand and Shells beach ornament hanging on the Christmas tree

Shark Teeth

Mickler Beach one of our favorite beaches near Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to find Shark Teeth.

Shark teeth found on the beach in Florida

During our months in Florida, we gathered a good size collection of Sharks teeth.

As I was making my sand-filled ornament I thought it would also be fun to fill an ornament with shark teeth.

Shark teeth filled ornament

The ornament filled with shark teeth of all sizes and shapes is a really fun addition to our Christmas decor and a fun reminder of our days hunting for shark teeth on the beach.

Shark teeth filled ornament hanging on the tree

To make it all you need is a clear ornament and a collection of Shark teeth.

You could also do an ornament like this filled only with shells that would look really cool hanging on the tree.

What beach find would you use to fill a clear ornament to remind you of your days at the beach?

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DIY Sand and Shell Christmas Ornament to remind you of time spent at the beach

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