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Have you seen all of the creative command centers on Pinterest? I have been wanting to have a command center for a while. But knowing we were going to move kept me from creating one.

After our move this past summer, I finally got my command center!

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Today I wanted to share with you our Command Center and how it helps us stay organized.

When we moved to our apartment this summer I knew I needed some way to keep things somewhat organized. So I decided to create a command center.

There are tons of ideas for command centers on Pinterest and I took ideas I liked and combined them to make my own command station.


To create this command center you need:

1 -Established Sign

1- 8×10 Photo

3 – 5×7 Photos

1- 4×6 Photo

1 – Wooden Letter

1 – Wooden Sign

1 – Shelf with Hooks

2- 11×14 Frames for Calendars (Get your free Printable calendars here)

4 – Wooden Clipboards

Nails to hang things

Command strips to hang the Clipboards

Putting it all together:

First I laid everything out on the floor to make sure I liked how it looked together before I put holes in my wall.

Then I started to hang things up.

The top of our Command Station is a wooden established sign it measures 9.5 inches x 30 inches. This was a gift from our wedding.

Etsy has some cute signs that are customizable if you want to include something similar to your decor. If you want to make your own Established sign this is made from a 9.5″ x 30″ piece of wood painted black with cream vinyl lettering.

Next, we have some photos they are 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10.

Below that we have 2 calendars. I absolutely love having 2 calendars it makes it so easy to see upcoming events and keeps the whole family on the same page about what we have planned. I can easily move the calendars around each month. These calendars are 11×14, here is a free 11×14 calendar printable.

Next, to the calendar, we have 3 shelves with key hooks on the side. These shelves keep so much stuff off my table and counters I love it!!

Then we have a 12″ letter K and a Love you More… Sign. The “Love you more…” sign measures 11″x14″.You could easily put more pictures instead of these items if you want.

Here are a few sign options I found on Amazon.

At the bottom of the command center, we have 4 clipboards. I wanted these so we had a place to easily display the kid’s artwork. It has been so fun to see how excited the little man is to show daddy his projects hanging on the wall. I hung these using command strips so they would lay flat on the wall and be easy to move.

This command center looks so fun and has helped us stay organized by giving us a set place for the mail and our keys. This is one of my favorite walls in our apartment.