United States Independence Day also known as the 4th of July is a major summer holidays. I recently read a friends Facebook post about how Independence Day is often referred to as the 4th of July, but what makes the 4th of July different from the 3rd of July? It is just a date. What makes it significant is what happened on that day.

What a great reminder about what the 4th of July really is. It’s fun to spend time with family and friends and watch fireworks. But it’s more than that Independence Day is a celebration of our freedom!

Independence Day or July 4th

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A tradition I want to start with my family is referring to the 4th of July as Independence Day and also making sure we take time to talk about why Independence Day is so important. I don’t want Independence Day to just become a fun holiday, I want my kids to know that many people gave up everything so we could have freedom.

What is Independence Day?

When we hear independence day many of us associate the holiday with fireworks, BBQ’s and family. But this holiday is really about celebrating the United States adopting the Declaration of Independence. Declaring the United States as an independent nation, no longer under the control of Great Britain.

Independence Day Celebration Bucket List

Is there a place you think it would be awesome to celebrate Independence Day? Here is my bucket list of places I think it would be “so cool” to celebrate Independence Day and watch fireworks.

Colonial Williamsburg 

NYC Macy’s Fireworks

Boston, MA

National Mall, Washington DC

Saint Louis, MO

Philadelphia, PA

Ocean City, MD