The Blue Angles Air Show happens annually during Commissioning Week at the U.S. Naval Academy. We went to see the Air Show for the first time and it was amazing to watch.

U.S. Navy Blue Angels Air Show

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Here are just a few tips from our first experience at the Air Show.

#1. There is a Practice Show

The day before the airshow there is a practice show. This is the show we attended and it was a couple of hours long. They practice the whole show, so you can either see the show twice or have your choice of days.

Fat Albert Naval Plane

#2. The Best Place to View the Airshow

I have heard that the best place to watch the airshow is on a boat. Since we don’t have access to a boat we watched the Airshow from in front of the World War 2 Memorial in Annapolis. You can watch the Airshow on Naval Academy Grounds, they have parking by the stadium with a shuttle taking you to the viewing area. (There is paid at the Naval Academy.)

Blue Angels Jets

#3. Plan a Picnic

The show is a couple of hours long so bring some treats and drinks to enjoy while you watch the show in the sky. (If you watch the show at the Naval Academy I don’t think they allow coolers.)

Blue Angels Jet

#4. Be Prepared for Traffic

During the air show, there are road closures and bridge closures so if your around the viewing areas for the air show be prepared for traffic.

Annapolis MD Blue Angels Air Show

#5. Bring a Camera

Don’t forget your camera to get some great photos and videos. Since the planes aren’t really close it might be hard to get any good pictures with a phone.

Blue Angels Air Show

#6. Other Shows

The Blue Angels perform all over the country so if you don’t live in Maryland don’t worry. You can check their schedule and see if they have a show near you.

Have you been to the Air Show? What did you think, any tips you would add?

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