Paper Plate Witch Kids Craft

This year is the first year we have really gotten into any Halloween crafting. The kids are old enough they love doing different craft projects and they think Halloween is pretty great so it was time to enjoy some Halloween kids crafts. Today our craft project was making a Paper Plate Witch.

Paper Plate Witch craft that even toddlers and preschoolers can have fun making. #toddlercraft #kidscraft

We don’t really like scary or creepy at our house so we made our witches happy, but you can make them scary if you want. That’s totally up to you. I personally think our happy witches turned out so cute.

Paper Plate Witch

These Paper plate witches are so easy to make and you might even already have all the craft supplies to make them.


  • Paper Plate
  • Green Paint (and paint brush)
  • Orange Tissue Paper
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black Construction paper (Scissors)
  • Markers

Making a Paper Plate Witch

Grab the kids and have some fun making these easy paper plate witches together.

Step 1: Paint Your Plate

Paint your paper plate green to make the witches face. Let the paint dry completely before going on to the next step.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

Step 2: Add Eyes

Now that your plate is dry add two googly eyes in the middle (ish) of the plate.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

Step 3: Make Dots for Glue

Grab a Black marker and make dots around the top half of the plate, where you want the witches hair to cover.

Now give the kids a bottle of glue and let them make dots of glue on the black dots you just made to attach the tissue paper to the plate.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

You can skip drawing the dots if you have older kids or if you want to do all the gluing. But letting kids figure out how to make small glue dots is a great fine motor skill for young kids to practice.

Step 4: Add Tissue Paper Hair

Get the orange tissue paper and let the kids cut it into little squares or have pre-cut squares.

Have the kids crunch up the tissue paper and put it on the plate over the glue dots.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

Pro Tip: Only do 5-10 dots of glue then add the tissue paper before continuing. This keeps the glue mess slightly less messy. If it doesn’t look like enough hair after you cover all the dots add a few more dots.

Step 5: Add a Hat

Now that you have finished your witches hair cut out a hat from the black construction paper. Glue the hat to your paper plate witch, we added our hats on a slight tilt.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

Step 6: Draw the face

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches, grab a marker and add a mouth and nose to your witch. You could also add a wart or two if you wanted.

Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft

My 4 year old wanted his witch to have pink cheeks so he drew two red circles on her.

That’s it you now have an adorable Halloween Witch!

I hope you enjoy spending time with your kids making this craft. Check out our other fun Halloween Activities and Crafts here.

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Quick and Easy paper Plate Witch craft perfect for some last minute Halloween fun. This would also be a fun Halloween class activity.

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