March has been crazy, emotional and fun. On March 3rd, we found out that Jared’s grandma was not doing well at all. We got a same day flight to Utah so he could see her one last time. We ended up missing our flight on the 3rd and having to get moved to a flight the next morning. So 2:30 am on March 4th we got up and headed to the airport. We flew to Chicago and then on to Salt Lake.

Once we arrived in Salt Lake Aaron and I went with my mom and Jared went with his parents to visit Grandma. He was able to talk to her and hold her had for a little while. Grandma passed away about 6 hours after we landed in Salt Lake. Though it was hard for the family to see her pass away, I know it was a celebration on the other side where she is no longer in pain and she is enjoying being with other family members that are so excited to see her.

We spent the weekend with family and Monday Jared went back home to work… I stayed with my family and Aaron had a lot of fun playing with his Uncles and Aunt.

Friday March 11, Jared flew back to Utah for Grandmas funeral on Saturday. He spoke for a few minutes at the funeral about memories of Grandma specifically her “curse” words such as – catch em with their britches down. (meaning to win by a large amount)

Though it’s hard to see a loved one pass away it was amazing to be at Grandma’s funeral which was a celebration of her life.

Jared’s Grandma has always been really special to me. Before I met Jared’s parents or siblings I met Grandma and Grandpa. They immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome. I have always felt like one of their grandchildren even though I just married into the family.