Free Printable Tissue Paper Santa Craft for Kids

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Can you believe it’s already the start of the Christmas season? The kids had so much fun making tissue paper turkeys for Thanksgiving, we decided to make a tissue paper Santa for Christmas.

During the holidays I love doing crafts with my kids. There are so many fun crafts and activities that are quick and easy to pull together. Plus we all have fun creating together and make so many fun memories.

This tissue paper Santa craft is quick and easy to make and it’s a great activity for little ones to work on their fine motor skills.

DIY Easy Tissue Paper Santa kids craft with free printable Santa face. Perfect for a class Christmas activity or as a fun and easy Christmas craft at home.

Santa Craft

Like I said above this craft is quick and easy to make and fun for kids of all ages. Plus you probably already have all the craft supplies you need to make it!


  • White Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Santa Printable (get it at the bottom of the post)
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Crayons

Making the Tissue Paper Santa

This tissue paper Santa is so simple and fun. Just print out the Santa printable from the bottom of this post. Grab the other supplies and you’re ready to go.

Colored Santa

First, color your Santa’s face including his festive Santa hat. Color his beard white or don’t color it at all and save it for the tissue paper.

Depending on the age of kids you’re doing this craft with you might want to have the tissue paper precut into little squares. My kids love cutting everything so helping me cut the tissue paper was one of their favorite parts of this craft. Plus it was a great way for them to work on their scissor skills.

Cutting tissue paper for the tissue paper Santa craft

Once you have the tissue paper squares cut give your child a bottle of school glue and have them put a little dot of glue on each of the dots on Santa’s beard and mustache.

You can have them do it one dot at a time as they add the tissue paper or they can add a bunch of glue dots before they start.

gluing on the tissue paper

At first, the dots of glue might be really big, but the more the kids practice the better they will get at making small dots of glue.

You can have your kids do it one dot at a time or do 2-3 dots of glue before adding the tissue paper it’s up to you what will be best.

working on the tissue paper Santa

To put the tissue paper on have them crunch it up and put it on the dot of glue. Continue around Santa’s beard and mustache until it’s completely covered.

You can also have the kids crunch the tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil and then glue it on by pushing the pencil into the glue. Pull out the pencil and repeat. This does give Santa’s beard a different look than just crunching the tissue paper.

Tissue paper Santa kids craft

My kids really enjoyed making this tissue paper Santa and now they look so cute hanging on our fridge. Obviously, depending on the age of the kids you do this craft with your Santa’s will turn out looking very different.

But kids both young and old will have fun doing this easy Christmas craft.

Printable Santa

Please print as many Santa’s as you need for personal use. If you have friends and family members who would like this craft please send them to this blog post, not the printable.

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Easy Tissue Paper Santa Kids Craft. It's the perfect Christmas Craft  for young kids to enjoy making.

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