I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are already in November and that in just a few weeks it’s my baby girls First Christmas. Did this year fly by for anyone else?

In the last couple of weeks, I have been looking at gift ideas for the little miss. We are probably going to do something related to Disney for both of our kids because we are going to Disneyland in January.

For baby's first Christmas I usually break the gifts down into two groups fun and practical. Because they are so young most of the gifts are practical. The best part? Most of these gifts are under $10 #christmas #giftguide #baby #firstchristmas #christmasgiftsideas

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A baby’s first Christmas is probably the easiest, they don’t really care what they get and are just excited to be there. Since the little miss was born in January she is on the older end of “baby’s” for their first Christmas.

What I like to do for the first Christmas is get a fun gift and then make the rest of the gifts more practical.

Fun Gift Ideas

First the fun gift ideas. These are mainly toys or books at our house.

This Melissa and Doug rainbow caterpillar gear toy is a really fun one for little people. It’s great for color recognition and kids love making the gears move really quickly.

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My First Bead Buddies Giraffe has been both of my kids favorite toy at some point. This is one of the first toys they have played with. Mr. Giraffe has gotten both of my kids to laugh and giggle. It’s the perfect toy to have in your diaper bag. (Plus he fits perfectly inside a stocking!)

The dial phone my kids play with is one I had growing up but it’s similar to this one. Both of my kids (the 2-year-old and 9 month old) love to play with the phone. It makes fun ringing noises and it’s fun to pull around. My 2 year old loves to pretend to call grandma on it.

*I love that the toy introduces numbers in a fun way and that my kids get to experience an “older” style of phone.

The Oball toys are one of my kid’s favorites. They are perfect for little hands just starting to grab onto things. All of the wholes make it the perfect toy. We love the Oball Shaker, but the ball is probably our favorite. For older babies and toddlers, the Oball rattle and roll cars are awesome!

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The mini Rainmaker toys are like magic. I don’t know what it is but the sound can almost immediately stop the little miss from crying. This is the toy we leave in the car, so when she starts getting upset when we put her in her car seat we can distract her with it.
Stacking cups are perfect for building towers and letting the little people tip them over. They are also easy for little hands to hold and bang together.

Both of my kids have loved playing with the Rock-a-stack. It is great for different stages. At first, they can just hold on to the rings and play with them, then as they get older they are able to learn how to stack them on the tower.

So this remote is probably a better toy for toddlers, but the little miss loves all of the sounds it makes. So I’m including it in the first Christmas gift ideas. If your baby is on the older end like the little miss, this might be a good toy to consider because they will play with it for a year or two.
Plastic Keys are awesome for the diaper bag. Kids can chew on them and they are easy to hold onto. (plus they are cheap!)

The links are a borderline fun gift and practical. The little miss loves how easy these are to keep ahold of and chewing on them. So it’s a “toy” but these are also awesome for keeping toys such as the keys or Oball toys attached to strollers and car seats. They are awesome at helping keep other toys off the ground.

We love books at our house, but I’m going to restrain myself and only share one with you on this list. Indestructible books are amazing. They bend and pull and get wet and DON’T RIP! They really are indestructible.

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I love that even at the youngest stage my little people can experience “books”. I don’t have to worry about ruined books and I can easily wash this book with soap and water. If you haven’t gotten one of these books before I would highly recommend getting one!

Practical Gift Ideas

Practical gift ideas are things that we “need” for the baby. I usually include baby food as part of the stocking because my littles don’t eat candy. Here are a few ideas of practical gifts.

Munchkin Miracle 360 cups are my favorite sippy cup. They teach kids to drink like they would from a normal cup and they limit the spills. For babies and younger toddlers, I prefer the 360 trainer cups with handles. They are easier to hold onto, especially for moms holding a million other things at the same time.

We included pacifiers in the little mans first stocking, but the little miss is a thumb sucker so we won’t include them in hers. If your little one loves binky’s these are a practical item to put in their stocking or wrap as a gift.

Not all babies are already using spoons by the time the first Christmas rolls around. If your baby isn’t it could be fun to include spoons and bibs in their Christmas gifts.This Fresh food Feeder is amazing. I didn’t have them with the little man and oh man do I regret it. Little Miss E loves them. She gets to hold it and feed herself and I get to actually eat dinner. It’s so easy to put chunks of soft fruits and veggies inside the mesh and let her gum it. 

I could keep going with more of my favorite baby products but I will cut it off here. Let me know in the comments what your favorite gift ideas are for baby’s first Christmas.

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