25+ Fun and Wacky Holidays in June (Free Printable List)

Can you think of a Holiday that is in June? The First Day of Summer and Father’s Day might come to mind. But that’s not all, there are plenty of fun and wacky holidays in June.

Fun and Wacky Holidays in June

The First Day of Summer changes each year and currently it changes between June 20,21 and 22. The first day of summer or the summer solstice isn’t based on a calendar date it depends on when the Sun reaches its northernmost point from the equator.

The first day of summer is also the longest day of the year.

Celebrating fun holidays each month is such a fun and easy way to make memories with your kids and make ordinary days a little extra fun.

In this post, I will share the holidays I think will be fun to celebrate with kids along with an idea or two for making it fun.

Holidays in June

At the bottom of the post, you will find a free printable with all of these holidays listed along with the date so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

June 1st – Flip a Coin Day

Flip a coin to make decisions on flip a coin day or at the very least flip a coin at least once today.

June 2nd – National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

Enjoy eating some rocky road ice cream or you could make a different rocky road treat.

June 3rd – World Bicycle Day

Head out on a bike ride for world bicycle day. Find a local path and have fun riding around. We love going for bike rides on the C&O Canal Towpath.

June 4th – National Donut Day

Enjoy eating a donut or two on national donut day. If you’re feeling ambitious you could even make your own donuts.

June 5th – Hot Air Balloon Day

Watch some hot air balloons, learn a little more about them or do a fun hot air balloon craft.

June 6th – D-Day

D-day is a perfect day to spend time learning about history. The What Was D-Day book is a great place to get started.

June 7th – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Another ice cream holiday in June? I can definitely enjoy this. Eat some chocolate ice cream or you could try your hand and making some.

June 8th – National Best Friend Day

National Best Friend Day is a great time to reconnect with your best friend. Spend time together or catch-up with a phone call.

June 9th – National Donald Duck Day

My kids are going to love celebrating Donald Duck day. We will most likely celebrate by watching some disney shorts featuring Donald.

June 10th – Ballpoint Pen Day

Use a ballpoint pen to write with on Ballpoint Pen Day. You could also try doing an Art for Kids Hub drawing with a pen.

June 11th – Corn on the Cob Day

Enjoy eating corn on the cob for one of your meals today. You could also do a fun craft painting with corn on the cob.

June 12th – National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Make some peanut butter cookies for National Peanut butter cookie day. Peanut Butter Blossoms are the favorite peanut butter cookie at our house.

June 13th – Sewing Machine Day

Sewing machine day is a great day to learn a little bit more about sewing. Watch a youtube video showing how a sewing machine works or try your hand at a simple sewing project.

June 14th – Flag Day

Flag day is the perfect time to learn more about the United States Flag. Read a book about the flag and do some fun Flag crafts like making these toothpick flags or this paper plate flag wreath.

June 15th – Nature Photography Day

Head outside with a camera and take some of your own nature photography or pick up a book of nature photography to enjoy.

June 16th – World Sea Turtle Day

World Sea Turtle day is a great time to learn more about sea turtles and make a fun sea turtle craft like these seashell sea turtles I made with my kids.

June 17th – National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Eat Your vegetables day is a great time to try out some new veggies. Gather several different vegetables and have a taste test. You might discover a new favorite.

June 18th – National Picnic Day

Have a picnic for national picnic day. Head outside if you can but if the weather isn’t great you can always have a living room picnic. For some extra fun check out this list of the best picnic games to play.

June 19th – Garfield the Cat Day

Have you ever heard of Garfield the Cat? Celebrate this fun and slightly wacky June holiday by watching the Garfield movies, reading some Garfield comics, or doing a Garfield craft.

June 20th – National Ice Cream Soda Day

Celebrate Ice cream soda day with a delicious ice cream soda or ice cream float as I have always called it. What flavor of ice cream soda will you choose? I have always loved root beer!

June 21st – National Peaches and Cream Day

Celebrate National Peaches and Cream day with a delicious peach dessert or a simple bowl of peaches with cream if you prefer. Going peach picking is also a fun activity.

June 22nd – National Onion Rings Day

National Onion Rings Day is a great time to get an order of Onion Rings to enjoy or make your own at home.

June 23rd – National Hydration Day

Staying Hydrated is really important especially during the summer. Learn about why hydration is important and start a 30-day water drinking challenge.

June 26th – National Chocolate Pudding Day

Make some chocolate pudding from a box or homemade and enjoy a yummy treat.

June 27th – National Sunglasses Day 

Wear some sunglasses and enjoy time outside for National Sunglasses Day.

June 28th – National Tapioca Day

Make a recipe with tapioca for National Tapioca day. You could also do a fun sensory bin with tapioca pearls instead of water beads.

June 29th – National Camera Day

Learn about how a camera works and have fun taking pictures for National Camera Day. Our daughter got this kids camera for Christmas and while it’s not the best quality of pictures it’s a great camera for young kids.

June 30th – Asteroid Day

Have fun learning about Asteroids, we will probably watch the out of this world magic school bus episode.

Printable List of Holidays in June

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