Fun and Wacky Holidays in August (Free Printable List)

There are so many fun and wacky holidays to celebrate through the year and August is no exception. There are a lot of fun holidays in August (a few are slightly wacky).

For many of us, August is the end of summer vacation. It’s still considered summer, but we often start getting excited about all the fall things.

Many kids start going back to school in August which is part of the reason so many people feel like summer is over. But even though you might be back in school you can still have fun celebrating some of these August fun holidays.

There is a fun holiday of some sort almost every day in August. These National Days in August are a fun excuse to celebrate on an ordinary day.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a free printable list with some of these fun August holidays.

There are even more national days than I share in this post. I decided to include the August fun days I felt like were the most fun for families to celebrate.

Fun Holidays in August

While these National days in August aren’t national holidays that you will get out of school for, they are a fun way to make memories doing things together as a family.

August 1 – National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Who doesn’t love a holiday that involves food? Celebrate Raspberry cream pie day by making you guessed it a raspberry cream cheese pie!

Don’t worry this recipe is quick and easy, plus your family will love it. (It’s a favorite family dessert we make all summer long!)

Quick and Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie #dessert #nobake #pie

August 2nd – National Coloring Book Day

Celebrate National Coloring Book Day by doing some coloring. Get a coloring book or grab a printable coloring page and have some fun.

August 3rd – National Watermelon Day

Enjoy eating watermelon in celebration of this national day. If you need help picking the perfect watermelon this post has some helpful tips and tricks to find a sweet one.

August 4th – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Can you guess how we will be celebrating today? That’s right we are going to make some chocolate chip cookies!

August 5th – National Sandcastle Day

Have fun making a sandcastle or a sandcastle craft to celebrate this fun August day.

August 6th – National Root Beer Float Day

I just love how many of these national days involve food, don’t you? Celebrate Root Beer Float Day by having root beer floats. It could also be fun to do a root beer taste test of different brands.

Bodie Island Lighthouse with grey clouds #lighthouse #obx #outerbanks #northcarolina #unitedstatestravel #familytravel

August 7th – National Lighthouse Day

Celebrate by visiting a lighthouse or doing a lighthouse craft.

August 8th – National Dollar Day

Celebrate by doing something to earn a dollar or you could learn a magic trick using a dollar!

August 9th – National Book Lovers Day

This is my kind of a holiday, I have always loved reading and I’ll take any excuse to spend more time doing it.

For national book lovers day, spend time reading or get one of these fun book lovers’ gifts for yourself.

August 10th – National S’mores Day

Nothing says summer like a delicious hot S’more. Have fun making this yummy treat to celebrate National S’mores Day.

August 11th- Mountain Day

Celebrate Mountain day by spending time in the mountains. If you don’t live close to mountains you can enjoy reading a book about the mountains.

A couple of fun picture books about mountains are Hike and When I was Young in the Mountains.

August 12th – World Elephant Day

Learn about elephants, read about them, do an elephant craft or visit the elephants at the zoo. These are all fun ways to celebrate World Elephant Day.

August 13th – International Lefthanders Day

Even if you’re not left handed have fun celebrating this day by trying to do things left handed. Writing your name, cutting a paper and eating are all fun things to try.

August 14th – National Creamsicle Day

Enjoy a taste creamsicle to celebrate or try making a creamsicle inspired recipe.

August 15th – National Relaxation Day

National relaxation day sounds like the perfect day to have a fun at home spa day with the kids. Turn on that relaxing music and have fun relaxing and making memories together.

August 16th – National Tell a Joke Day

My kids love jokes and learning new ones is there favorite. Spend sometime looking up and learning a new joke or two. Because we all know we could use a little more laughter in our lives.

August 18th – National Fajita Day

National fajita day is the perfect day to have fajitas for dinner. There are a lot of different Fajita recipes you can find on Pinterest and many of them are quick and easy to make.

August 19th – National Potato Day

I’m thinking for National Potato day we might try to have potatoes for every meal of the day? What do you think too much? I guess we will see.

It would also be fun to play a game of hot potato and do a craft or two using potatoes. You could also spend time learning about Idaho the state that’s home to the Potato Capital of the World.

August 20th – National Lemonade Day

Enjoy making some lemonade to drink and a lemonade inspired recipe or two. Kids could have fun doing a lemonade stand.

August 21st – National Senior Citizens Day

This is a great day to remember the senior citizens in our lives. Spend some time visiting them or making cards to send to grandparents. It’s a small act of kindness that makes a big difference in their life.

August 22nd – National Tooth Fairy Day

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day by learning more about your teeth.

August 23rd – Cheap Flight Day

Cheap flight day is the perfect day to plan a dream vacation. Even if you can’t go on it right now have fun dreaming together of places you want to visit and things you want to see.

August 24th National Waffle Day

Enjoy eating waffles to celebrate this fun day. These waffle bowls are a delicious and unique way to enjoy waffles.

We have filled our waffles with eggs and veggies, fresh fruit and the kid’s favorite is ice cream. Next, we want to try using different batters to make different types of waffles. I’m thinking brownie batter is going to be up first.

August 25th – National Banana Split Day

Have a banana split bar and enjoy a delicious dessert in honor of this holiday.

August 26th – National Toilet Paper Day

Celebrate by using toilet paper (hopefully you use it all the time!) or you could do a minute to win it style game making a toilet paper mummy.

Playing at the beach

August 30th – National Beach Day

Spend time at the Beach to celebrate this national day. Or if you can’t make it to the beach turn on some ocean wave sounds and dream of your next beach vacation.

August 31st – National Trail Mix Day

Trail mix is so fun to let the kids help put together. They think they are baking and it’s a lot less messy and quicker to put together. Plus it makes the perfect snack.

We love including M&M’s and Golden Grams Cereal in our trail mixes. Everything else we add changes depending on what we have on hand. What are your must have items in a trail mix?

Bonus Fun August National Day

National Bowling Day – Second Saturday in August

Go Bowling to celebrate this holiday. Bowling is such a fun family activity. If you’re in Utah BYU bowling is a great option.

Plus while summer might be coming to an end kids can still bowl free in August.

If going bowling won’t work you could always do some bowling at home with one of these cute bowling sets or by making your own bowling game using paper towels or empty soda bottles.

Free Printable Fun Days in August

Get a free printable list of the fun and wacky holidays in August so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

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