A Toddlers Day at LEGOLAND Florida Resort

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In January, we spent the day at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Our toddler was just 22 months old, I was 9 months pregnant and we had a blast.

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

Toddler LEGOLAND Itinerary:

Our day at LEGOLAND started bright and early, we arrived at the park about 10 minutes before the park opened. This allowed us to enter the park right at opening.

Duplo Valley at Legoland Florida Resort has tons of fun rides for toddlers, that everyone can ride. thekeeledeal.com #legoland #lego #florida

Duplo Valley

Our first stop after entering the park was Duplo Valley. We did the tractor ride, followed by the train ride and then back to the tractor is how our toddler wanted to do it. First thing in the morning the rides in Duplo Valley didn’t have a line so it’s the perfect time to ride repeatedly.

Land of Adventure

After getting our fill of Duplo Valley we headed to Land of Adventure and road the “Lost Kingdom Adventure” This ride’s height requirement is 33”. Even if your little person is tall enough, the ride is a little scary so keep that in mind. We took our toddler on the ride and it was a little too scary for him.

Miniland USA is full of amazing mini landmarks made of Legos. thekeeledeal.com #miniland #legos #legoland

Miniland USA

Miniland USA was next on our list. Our little man loved it! We spent a lot of time walking (chasing the little man!) throughout Miniland USA. He especially loved all the buttons he could push and watching the cars at the Daytona International Speedway.

The Grand Carousel

On our way to get apple fries, we decided to ride the carousel. Our little guy was really excited to ride his horse. But this ended up being the worst ride.

From our experience, I would avoid the carousel next time.

The carousel is positioned so that at least half of the ride is in the sun. We happened to be on the sunny half. This wouldn’t be a big deal normally, but they kept letting people on the ride. We waited for over 10 minutes for the girl to stop letting people on the ride and then for her to check all the seat belts. After 10 minutes sitting in the sun (not waiting in line) our little man was done. So, before the ride even started we got off the ride.

I don’t know if they typically take this long to load for the ride or if the girl was new or something. But I wouldn’t try it unless you have a very patient child and you’re not in the sun.

Granny’s Apple Fries

After the trauma caused by the carousel, we took a break to eat some Apple Fries. The Apple Fries were amazing! Our favorite was the Apple Fries a la mode, but the regular ones were also good.

Apple Fries A la Mode at Legoland Florida Resort. thekeeledeal.com #foodietravel #legoland #applefries

Apple Fries a La Mode – Apple Fries, Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and Caramel Sauce

Original Apple Fries – Apple Fries with a side of Whipped Cream

Duplo Valley Round 2

After our yummy snack, we headed back to Duplo Valley. We had to ride the tractors again and then the little man loved pushing all the animal sound buttons.

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

Next, we went inside the barn. The barn is air conditioned, so a great place to hang out on hot days!

Inside the barn, there are a lot of different little activities perfect for the toddler age. Our little man’s favorite was playing in the tractor and with the big blocks. Inside the barn is also a Baby Care Center

First Visit Pin

About 2 o’clock we started making our way back to the front of the park. We stopped at Guest Services and got a 1st visit pin. Then headed back to the car.

Because we went to LEGOLAND Florida Resort during the week in January and it wasn’t very busy we were able to do a lot in a short amount of time. If you visit on a busier day you could spend more time in line waiting for rides. Even if you visit on a busy day I think one day is plenty of time to explore the whole park with a toddler.

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

I would love to go back to LEGOLAND in a couple of years when our little man is older so he can enjoy more of the rides.

Other Toddler-Friendly Activities

I mentioned some of the rides that toddlers can go on in our itinerary, but there are a lot more rides at the park depending on the age and height of your toddler.

As well as rides, there are a variety of shows that are great for the whole family, depending on your toddler’s personality. Knowing our toddler’s personality, we decided not to try any of the shows because he is so busy and won’t sit still and watch them.

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

When you enter, the park get a map and the “What can you do when you’re 2” flyer. This flyer lists ride height requirements and shows along with show times.

Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Florida Resort with a Toddler

Now that you have an idea of what to do with your toddler at LEGOLAND Florida Resort here are a few tips to help you enjoy your day.

1. Arrive before the park opens

By arriving early, you can park close without paying more for preferred parking (preferred parking is covered and closer to the park entrance – if you arrive later in the day it might be worth paying more.)

Parking at Legoland Florida Resort. A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

2. Pay for parking online

Paying for parking online will save you $2.

3. Purchase Park Tickets Online

Having a printed ticket will save you time since you won’t have to wait in line to purchase tickets. Not only will purchasing tickets online save you time it will also save you money.

4. Watch for LEGOLAND Ticket Deals

You can often find LEGOLAND Park Ticket deals, including free kid’s admission.

5. Get a Free 1st Visit Pin

Head to Guest Services and get a Free 1st visit pin. This makes an awesome souvenir and it doesn’t cost anything!

Apple Fries at Legoland Florida Resort - thekeeledeal.com #applefries #foodie #travel #florida

6. Try the Apple Fries

The Apple Fries are yummy and totally worth a try.

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

7. Bring or rent a stroller

Walking around the park can wear toddlers out so having a stroller is nice. Even if they don’t ride in the stroller the whole time you will be able to store water and other things in the stroller.

8. Don’t forget to take pictures

LEGOLAND has a photo program, we decided to take our own pictures but it might be something you want to consider.

9. Bring Snacks

Bringing snacks will save you money and you will have the food your toddler is used to eating. Be sure to check the LEGOLAND website to see what is allowed.

Want to visit LEGOLAND with your family? Enter for a Chance to Win! 

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The grand prize includes air transportation, ground transportation, a two-night stay at the resort and admission tickets to the park for all four guests. Enter for your chance to win the grand prize, no payment needed! 

A Toddlers day at Legoland Florida Resort this post includes a sample itinerary for a day at Legoland. #legoland #florida #travel

We loved our day at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Our experience at the park was great. We loved how clean everything was and all the hand sanitizer stations throughout the park. Next time we visit LEGOLAND we will have to stay at the hotel.

Have you ever visited LEGOLAND Florida Resort? What was your favorite part?

Disclosure: We received complimentary LEGOLAND  Florida Resort Park tickets to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine. 


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  2. Rhiannon Lavin

    Thank you so much for the wonderful tips – we plan on going tomorrow and these have been invaluable!

  3. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    I’ve always wondered about Legoland. Thanks for sharing all this information. I wish my son hadn’t already outgrown it. Would love to take him.

  4. Yikes! We missed the apple fries and those sound yummy. Legoland is so much fun. My favorite parts are when the kids can drive (I would have loved that) and the amazing models!

  5. I have older kids but I think they’d like to go to Legoland at some point! Too bad about the carousel. You’d think that would be a highlight!

  6. Aw, my little guy would love this! He’s obsessed with the Lego movies right now, though still a little too young to play with the original legos…we will have to plan a trip like this soon though! Looks like so much fun!

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