I have wanted to visit Assateague Island and see the wild horses since I read about them on a list of places to visit in Maryland.

On our most recent trip to Ocean City, MD we drove over to the Maryland side of Assateague Island. The drive from the beach on Ocean City was only about 20 minutes (totally worth it!)
We first stopped at the Assateague Island visitor center –

Assateague Island Visitor Center - Assateague Island, Maryland

At the visitor center, you can park your car and walk or bike across the bridge onto the Island for no charge; you can also purchase a Vehicle Pass for the day, 7-days or a year.

A 7- day pass is $15 and a year pass is $40. The passes work on both the Maryland and Virginia sides of the Island. (If you have a National Parks pass it works to get on the Island.) We purchased the year pass so we plan on visiting a couple more times in the next year and we need to make it to the Virginia side of the Island at least once!

The visitor center is not very big, it has some information about the horses and other animals you can find on Assateague Island; it also has a small gift shop.

Rocking Chairs at Assateague Island Visitor Center

Outside the visitor center was arrow of rocking chairs facing Assateague Island. On a warm day it looks like nice relaxing spot to sit and watch the water. (Without anyone sitting there it makes for a cool picture)

Mural at the Assateague Island Visitor Center

This is a mural inside the visitor center. If you don’t want to make a stop at the visitor center you can pay the entrance fee once you’re on the Island just like at any other national or state park.

Assateague Island national Seashore Maryland

Once on Assateague Island the goal was to see Wild Horses! 

As we drove onto the Island we saw a horse in the distance. As we drove down the Island we found a parking lot with a path.

Path on Assateague Island

From the walkway, we could see a group of wild horses.

Wild Horses Assateague Island, Maryland
Wild Horses Assateague Island, Maryland
Wild Horses Assateague Island, Maryland

After seeing the horses at a distance and driving around looking for more we decided to hit the beach. The beach was almost empty, we could see people in the distance but no one was around us. (one of the perks of going to the beach in February!) #nevertakethesameroadtwice

Beach Assateague Island Maryland
Beach Assateague Island Maryland
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Beach Assateague Island Maryland
Beach Assateague Island Maryland
Horse Shoe Crab Assateague Island Maryland Beach
Beach Assateague Island Maryland
Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland - Maryland must visit places